Best GPS Trackers in India: High-Tech Monitoring for Your Car

Best GPS Trackers in India: Installing high-performing GPS tracking ensures that you keep a check on your car, and bike action all the time. Get familiar with these best GPS trackers in India here that are available in a compact design. the prices of these GPS trackers are updated as of 22nd September 2022.

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Updated: Tue, 27 Sep 2022 07:52 PM IST
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Best GPS Trackers in India: High-Tech Monitoring for Your Car
Best GPS Trackers in India | Image Source: Unsplash

Best GPS Trackers in India: In India, the theft cases of vehicles have increased and as a vehicle owner, you need to be smart to have a tracking system to ensure strong protection against theft attempts. Install a GPS tracking system for cars and bikes that will give you an alarm if you make any movement or it gets started and it is one of the must-have car accessories

They will provide you the live location along with a GPS tracker, this tracker is known for its robustness, weatherproof nature,  and offers durable performance. Here are the top picks of the best GPS trackers in India that you check and buy the best-suited one. 

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Best GPS Tracker in India

Check out the best GPS tracker for cars and bikes in India here.  Choose the best one as per your budget and price range. 

Onelap GO - Wireless GPS Tracker

oneplap gps tracker

This OneLap Go wireless GPS tracker comes with a 1000mAh battery and with a free sim card that has an unlimited net pack. It is a highly sensitive GPS chip that sends a vehicle's accurate location along with a full day's driving history. It provides you with the stars such as total distance, run time, idle time, and stoppage time, with the maximum and average speed of the vehicle using interactive graphs. 

It is one of the best GPS trackers for cars. OneLap GPS Tracker Price: Rs 4,930

SeTrack GPS Tracker Waterproof Device

gps tracker

This Setrack GPS Tracker comes with real-time tracking and address update every 5-second refresh rate so you never experience a lag in your tracking experience. It is loaded with parking mode and anti-theft mode. If someone tries to steal your vehicle, you will get an alarm and notification on your smartphone. 

You can store the data for 90 days and secure all your data on cloud servers so that you can look at the data analysis. One of the best GPS Trackers for cars. SeTrack GPS Tracker Price: Rs 1,599

Acumen OBD Water-Proof GPS Tracker Device

gps tracker

This Acumen GPS Tracker device is a wireless device all you need is to just plug and it will start working. This device has an inbuilt microphone. All you need is to just call the number and you will listen to every conversation going on inside the car. It is loaded with an anti-theft alarm that will notify you immediately if someone tows, engine ignition,  or any movement of your car. 

You will receive the alarm on your smartphone along with all the tracker details and it also stores data even when the internet is off and you will be safe in remote areas with this tracking device.  Acumen GPS Tracker Price: Rs 1,990

Ajjas Waterproof GPS Tracker

gps tracker

This Ajjas GPS Tracker is completely waterproof and it is loaded with an anti-theft call option, you will get the call on your number if the engine is switched on.  Ajjas device initiates a call to 3 emergency No's when the 2-wheeler meets with an accident. It also comes with a motion alert  and offers 100% accuracy in live GPS tracking on and off the engine. 

Get the live location with live vehicle speed, speed warning alert, vehicle running time, fall detection alert, and more. Ajjas GPS Tracker Price: Rs 2,090

Muvit® A8 Mini GPS Tracker Device

gps tracker

It is one of the top best GPS trackers for cars in India that is used as an Anti-lost device global locator with real-time tracking.  In case of theft, it will automatically blow the alarm when you are nearby and it has an inbuilt microphone that captures long-range audio. 

It is used for pets, vehicles, children, or your belongings. Muvit GPS Tracker Price: Rs 1,099.

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