New Delhi| Jagran Technology Desk: Valentine's Day is finally here, and it is pretty evident that love is in the air. Talking about love, it is a risky roller coaster ride that comes at the stake of efforts and patience, and we all never shy away to take this risk. As the day of love is here, we all are running high on ideas on how to make Valentine's Day special for our loved ones.

However, we all are now bored of that same old pattern of gifting chocolates and teddy bears to our partner on this special day, now with the changing times, we are shifting our focus to some innovative ways to celebrate the love day, and for that mobile applications are the best thing that digitalisation did to us. Now, if you are done with playing games on your phone, and are looking for some special way to cheer up the day, check out these apps that will surely help you out in making your Valentine's Day special:


If you are lazy or are just too busy to take out the time to decorate the place or just can't figure out the perfect romantic dine-in place, this app is just the right pick for you. CherishX is the app that will help you out with Valentine's special decoration and the options are in your hands of what location to pick, what color coordination to go with, this app gives it all and you can't be enough grateful. This app provides options like personalised chocolate cards, Valentine's special private movie dinner, balloon surprise decoration, and many other options at your preferred location. Now, you must be wondering that this is going to burn a hole in your pocket, right? So, let us just tell you that all of it comes at a minimum price of Rs 1499 only.

Love Meter

Do you still remember that childhood love percentage game, in which most of the teenagers used to calculate how much their crush loves them by cross-cutting the alphabets of each other's name? Woah! it surely took us down the old memory lane. But, now what if we tell you that you could do that again but this time an application will do it for you and will tell you how much your partner loves you. This Love Meter application is available on Google Playstore and ios AppStore too. All you need is to install the app and enter your and your partner's name, and this app will give you the percentage of how much your partner loves you.

Talk2You Conversation Starter

The conversation is key to a healthy and good relationship. However, in the initial days of the relationship or is known as the honeymoon period, couples take time time to open up and they find it really hard to start the conversation. However, this app has come to the rescue as this app comes with a number of questions with which you can shoot your shot, and that will definitely not make you sound creepy, so go ahead and give this app a shot.

Ferns N Petals

If you are in a long-distance relationship and are finding it difficult on how to make your partner feel special on this day. This application is just there for you as you can send cakes, flowers, customised bouquets and can even gift them cute plants so that your partner can baby them up even though you are not there, your baby plant would definitely be there. So, check out this app.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma