US Woman Files Lawsuit Against Apple After Ex-Boyfriend Places AirTag In Her Car To Track Movement

A women filed a lawsuit against Apple for security and privacy concerns after her ex-boyfriend placed an AirTag under the wheel rims of her car to track her location.

US Woman Files Lawsuit Against Apple After Ex-Boyfriend Places AirTag In Her Car To Track Movement

The Apple Airtag which was introduced to act as a key finder that can help users find their personal belongings such as car keys, bags, wallets, electronic devices, and much more. However, with the introduction, it has become a matter of privacy concern for many of the users as people use the gadget to stalk others.

Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against the tech giant Apple, mentioning the AirTag as inadequate and a threat to her privacy. This came after her ex-boyfriend placed an AirTag inside the wheel rims of the car which helped him to find out where she had moved to avoid his harassment, says Bloomberg report. Adding on to that, the lawsuit also mentions that the AirTags tracking has led to murders and several other crimes.

An AirTag is a coin-like device that can be hidden at any place and provide the location to the owner. There have been many cases that have led the criminals to track the location of the person and give them an upper hand while committing a crime. 

On the other hand, when Apple first released the product, it claimed that it was "stalking proof." But the tech giant updated the security measures earlier this year in response to numerous privacy complaints. With this new update, the company shortened the notification window and added a "Moving With You" notification for users of Apple devices when an AirTag wasn't registered to them, similar notification was shared with the women- "attached to the undercarriage of their vehicle". Apple has also released an application that enables Android users to search for AirTags and know if somebody is following them.

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