New Delhi | Varun Sharma: The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of people and has posed a great threat to people's health. People are working from home and are going through long sitting hours in front of computer screens without any break which in the earlier times were no the regular routine as now you don't have to leave your seat to discuss an issue with your team or colleagues, all this is happening on the phone or virtual meets.

Physical exercise is done in any form be it indoor or outdoor always help and with people staying indoors a lot of time it has made them realize the importance of health and its tracking. This has also helped in surging the demand for fitness gadgets specifically smart watches & fitness trackers.

As people are more focused now on keeping a constant check on their health vitals in order to maintain a balanced and healthy life. Fitness gadgets have a huge competition as there are multiple options available from various brands available in the market. Titan has entered this competitive market with his 'TraQ' fitness gear brand. It offers 3 watches: TraQ Lite, TraQ triathlon & TraQ Cardio. All these watches come with an amazing set of features that varies from GPS, ANT+ compatibility, heart rate monitoring, etc. We used the TraQ Triathlon variant for few days and this is how far this smartwatch has faired out in various aspects:-

Let's start with the overall look and feel of this smartwatch. I must say the first impression of the TraQ triathlon when we unboxed it was 'wow this is one sturdy looking smartwatch' We reviewed the blue colour variant and it is available in 2 more colour options which are red & yellow. It's a treat for people who love big dial watches and the transflective display adds an extra edge to the overall look of the watch especially when you are outdoors during the major part of the day. The watch head is made up of and ABS +10% glass fibre and supports the sturdiness the watch claims it is.

As the name of the watch suggests you can track 3 active sports back to back without the hustle of manually switching it in between ie: Swimming, Running & cycling. The watch is water & mud resistant which means you don't have to worry about it before taking it for a dip during your swimming sessions.

You can select between the multiple options available in the watch through the push of a button. The watch display is not interactive but we got used to the selection through the crown and 4 side push buttons on the watch ie: the Menu and Back push button are on the right side of the dial and the Mode & Start/Stop buttons are on the left side of the dial. TraQ triathlon comes with a heart rate monitor which we tested very aggressively during our runs and other cardio and weight training days.

The data is quite accurate though at times there was a variation in the heart rate when we compared to micro tec oximeter in which the heart rate was lower as compared to the watch and we conducted a similar experiment to compare the accuracy of the heart rate monitor as we used another watch which was enabled with heart rate monitor and this time the data matched with a difference of 2-3 points which is very marginal.

A major feature of the watch is that it comes with smartphone free GPS tracking which means the built-in GPS does not require your smartphone to work and can function independently on your TRAQ gear. so if you are one of those who like to explore new routes when you are out on a run this watch will be your buddy in keeping track of the routes you have covered and in case you want to check them again you can save them and can monitor it through the TraQ App which can be used for mapping additional data for advanced level athletes. Since we are talking about the App let us quickly give you an overview of it. You can download the TraQ app from App/Google play store and sync it with your watch.

It takes very little time for the set up to complete. You get all the major options that are generally available in such apps be it tracking data, selecting watch faces, controlling notifications etc. If you want your smartwatch to be your companion during non-workout hours too then the TraQ triathlon will not disappoint you as you can receive notifications, call alerts etc in it too. You won't be able to make a call or receive through it but it will give you a buzz for sure when your phone is ringing.

TraQ triathlon is ANT+ compatible so you can check your performance, stats and other parameters with 100% accuracy. TraQ cardio's ANT+ technology connects with any ANT enabled device like heart rate straps, foot pods etc allowing you to measure parameters like cycling power, cycling cadence, heart rate and stride based steps. The watch has a wide range of 2457 MHz so you shouldn't worry about it. Last but not least in fact a very strong part of this smartwatch is the battery back it provides you. It comes with a 290 mAh battery which lasted us more than a week on 50% display resolution. If you like your watch face to be extra bright then it will last you a day or two less but for a smartwatch with so many features, a week plus battery back up is a solid one.

Verdict: The Triathlon is a sturdy looking watch that will look nice on your wrist if you have a thing for big dial watches. GPS on our testing was very accurate and the best part is you don't have to carry a smartphone along with you for it. The watch tracks workout activities with great accuracy along with Heart rate monitoring. If we compare the features loaded in this watch with watches that come with similar features you might have to pay a bomb to own it from any other brand but Titan has done very competitive pricing which is 17,999. With this price tag, there are very few players in the market who offer all these features, so if you are a fitness enthusiast you might want to consider this as an option the next time you are planning to buy a smartwatch.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan