Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Fold 4 And Z Flip 4; Check Specifications And Other Details Here

Samsung pushes the boundaries of smartphone versatility with its fourth-generation foldable, providing enhanced productivity, customization capabilities, and FlexCam experiences.

By Talibuddin Khan
Wed, 10 Aug 2022 09:14 PM IST
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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Fold 4 And Z Flip 4; Check Specifications And Other Details Here

South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung on Wednesday unveiled the next generation of its foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. The new smartphones are launched with tweaked designs, upgraded cameras, and a current-generation processor.

Both the phones, however, don't offer any major changes but the updates are quite meaningful and could attract buyers. Apart from these two smartphones, Samsung has also unveiled the Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

The new Galaxy Z Flip4 is equipped with some key features, including an upgraded camera experience, a larger battery and expanded customization while maintaining its ultra-compact design. Whereas, the Galaxy Z Fold4 offers a shape-shifting design, immersive displays and PC-like multitasking features, in addition to advanced camera technology and powerful mobile processors.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Specifications And Design:

Shoot hands-free video or capture full group selfies at various angles by partially folding Z Flip4 to activate FlexCam. Start high-quality video recording in Quick Shot mode and then seamlessly switch to Flex mode to continue recording hands-free without stopping the video – ideal for content creators and vloggers. The users are now able to take selfies in Portrait Mode and see a preview of the actual photo ratio when using Quick Shot.

The battery of Galaxy Z Flip4 has also been expanded to a 3,700mAh battery and with super fast charging, now supported on Z Flip4, the phone can be charged up to 50 per cent in around 30 minutes.

With the slimmer hinge, straightened edges, contrasting hazed back glass and glossy metal frames, the design is our most refined yet. The users can fully customize the Z Flip4 inside and out, with Galaxy Themes on both Cover and Main Screen to complement their style with custom fonts, icons and designs. Plus, users can create their own Cover Screen with new clock designs and backgrounds in various formats such as images, GIFs and even videos.

Galaxy Z Fold4 Specifications and Design:

The Galaxy Z Fold4 combines Samsung’s collective mobile technology expertise to create a device with increased functionality whether opened, closed, or in Flex mode. Furthermore, it is the first device to ship with Android 12L, a special version of Android created by Google for large-screen experiences, including foldable.

The new Taskbar provides a layout similar to your PC, offering access to your favourite and recent apps. Multitasking is also more intuitive, thanks to new swipe gestures. Instantly switch full-screen apps to pop-up windows or split your screen in half for more ways to multitask. The multitasking experience is complete with S Pen functionality, enabling on-the-go drawing and notetaking with streamlined storage inside the Standing Cover with Pen case.

Galaxy Z Fold4 takes stunning photos and videos with an upgraded 50MP wide lens and 30x Space Zoom lens. A variety of camera modes, including the larger Zoom map, activated on Capture View Mode, Dual Preview, and Rear Cam Selfie are custom-built to take advantage of the unique form factor for increased capturing flexibility.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with a 7.6-inch Main Screen, a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and a less visible Under Display Camera (UDC). With a slimmer hinge, lighter weight, and even narrower bezels, the wider screen enables easier one-handed interactions while using the Cover Screen. In addition, both Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 are equipped with IPX8[25] water resistance, so users can worry less if they get caught in the rain.

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