Samsung Patents Dual Under Display Camera System For Facial Recognition

Samsung is working on a new technology and users may see a better facial recognition in their phones in coming future.

Samsung Patents Dual Under Display Camera System For Facial Recognition

The Korean Tech Giant Samsung has stunned the world with yet another amazing patent. Samsung filed a patent for KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) last year. This was made public last week and has been rumoured to be used in its new flagship Galaxy S23 series. 

Talking about the patent, it is quite simple and straightforward to understand. The company will use dual camera technology to take multiple photos which will help in forming a better 3D structure for the authentication of the phone. Hence making it faster and more precise.

However, Samsung is known for testing new technology in all its products whether it is smartphones or tablets. Samsung Galaxy Fold was a classic example of this. It is also speculated that Samsung may be testing this UDC technology for its foldables. 

The patent has not been explained in detail. However, it does show the basic idea of what a “slab” style phone with two UDC cameras would look like- one at the top and one at the bottom. Another pointer that was mentioned in the patent was measuring pupil size. The reason behind it is that a human's pupil size varies according to the lighting conditions around them. It could be an extra security measure to maintain a user’s privacy. 

This concept genuinely is fascinating, but at present, it is just a concept that is not used in any product.

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