New Delhi | Varun Sharma: Technology excites a lot of people, and it's not a new phenomenon. In times like today when we are bound to work from home due to COVID19, handy and innovative technology is something a lot of us are keenly interested in.

Work from home has taught a lot of new lessons and one of them is an adjustment. Be it back to back work video calls or number crunching for sales reports. Our screen time has drastically increased in the last 3-4 months. So how about a device which looks cool, is efficient and can help you deal with a lot of your daily office work in a smart way....and above all, it's not a laptop.

Without wasting time let me introduce you to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 which the company launched last month and here is our hands-on experience of the device.

As soon as you will pick the Tab S7 in your hands, the first thing you will notice is its premium look. It feels good in the hands and you will instantly connect with this device. As soon as you will press the power/scanner button on the right-hand side of the frame, the display will be on and you will experience the 11.00-inch touchscreen.

Another way to activate it is by double-tapping on the screen. 2500z1600 pixel resolution at a pixel density of 274 pixels per inch is what will make your screen experience indulging. Colours are bright and sharp and you will observe it while binge-watching. The backside of the tab has a teardrop-shaped magnetic stylus holder that replaces the magnetic groove Samsung used on Galaxy Tab S6.


Tab S7 measures 253.80 x 165.30 x 6.30mm and weighs 500 grams. You can hold the tab easily with one hand for multiple functions like video calls, news reading etc especially when you are holding it vertically but if you want to compose a mail or swipe through apps you will need help from your relaxing hand.

Tab S7 is packed with 13 mp + 5 mp rear camera set up and an 8 mp front camera. We have used the front camera during a lot of video calls and the picture comes crisp and clear. To test the rear camera we recorded videos and did a few live sessions and our experience was very good and the video quality is at par with a lot of other tabs available in the market in the similar price bracket.

There are multiple camera options available for capturing like Pro, panorama, live focus, hyper-lapse etc. It also boosts the Single Take feature, which means you can capture multiple shots together and then select the best one from it. So just in case, you would like to capture shots while working or travelling it won't let you down.

Galaxy Tab S7 is powered by a 1.8 GHz octa-core processor and is based on Android 10. This means this cool looking tab can actually run multiple apps, shuttle through multiple windows without any glitch. You can experience and play games on it during your leisure time but you have to attach game control accessories for that. Tab S7 is equipped with 6GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD.

Another good feature of Tab S7 which will make you like it, even more, is its AKG quad-speaker setup which delivers loud, rich audio. I saw a few series episodes on this and the sound output was quite full even while it was not even on 100%.

While streaming audio through youtube tunes sounded good. To support our exhaustive throughout the day demand Tab S7 has an 8,000mAh battery, the company claims 15 hours of video playtime while for us it lasted almost 12 hours+ during our usage.

For all those who want to double up Tab S7 as a laptop you can do that by connecting it to the keyboard attachment (need to purchase separately) This book cover is updated too and now has a larger trackpad that supports multiple gestures. The keys are comfortable to type, it's a bliss for people who like to lie down and still want to access the keyboard for writing instead of using the touch screen.

The leatherette back cover protects the back of the tab and it also helps in adjusting the screen at a desirable viewing angle. Last but not least let's talk about the S Pen, Samsung has revamped it by making it more responsive and accurate.

The new S Pen latency has been reduced from 42 milliseconds to 9 ms now. It is nice and comfortable to hold and while using it for taking notes it was smooth and effortless. All those people who like to use their tab for sketching will really like the S Pen, especially as it comes along with the tab and is not required to be purchased separately like few other tabs. I also like how it hides behind the leatherette back cover while placed on the magnetic stripe on the back of the tablet.

Incredibly thin, light and yet durable is how we will summarize the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 experience. Cover (Purchased separately) & S Pen adds the extra feathers in the cap. But with a price tag of Rs 63,999 (4G Version), it has strong competition from Apple iPad Pro. So the ultimate question is, will Tab S7 be able to penetrate deep into the heart of the people? we surely have to wait and watch for that.

Colour options available: Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze.



(Disclaimer: The article has been written by Varun Sharma, Head, Social Media, Jagran New Media).

Posted By: Talib Khan