New Delhi | Varun Sharma: COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone's life. Working professionals, students, teachers and alot more of us are bound to stay indoors as the enemy we are fighting in the form of the virus is invisible and we can't actually guess from where it will attack us. Putting on a mask when stepping outside and staying indoors are few options which people are using to put up a fight against this deadly virus.

We all were aware of the work from home culture but study from home is still new for school and college students and lets not forget the teachers, they have taken a complete shift from the physical classroom to the digital arenas for fulfilling their duty of educating students. Mobile phones have been the savior during these times as they are tolls used by college and school students and teachers to connect for digital classrooms. Just like the two sides of the coin this one too has a flip side and that's what a lot of parents have been complaining about, smaller screen sizes have been an issue as the kids/students are glued to the screen for multiple hours.

So a solution for all these worries should be between a mobile which is too small and a laptop which is too big. Samsung Tab A7 is an option which will come handy for a lot of students, teachers and working professionals, here is why.

Design & Display

Slim and elegant is what you will feel as soon as you will see the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. It is just 7mm thick and weighs 476 gm. It is available in grey, silver & gold colour options. The tab is sleek and handy and fits easily in the hands. It might not be the case for kids for obvious reasons for smaller palms but you don't want them to stroll around the house holding it in their hand.

Tab A7 has a smooth metal finish at the back which gives a premium look and the 10.4-inch screen is surrounded by sizable bezels.

The device has a power & volume button on the right side of the device while there is a microSC card slot on the bottom left side of the device. Luckily you will get a 3.5mm jack on this device which means you can use your old wired earphone and headphone along with it.

At the top and bottom you will find the quad-speakers. Primary camera is placed on the back side of the Tab while the front camera is not positioned in the centre if you are holding the tab in portrait mode but it will be in the front while you tilt the tab in the landscape mode which is ideal for making video calls and conferencing as you will get a wider screen. You can charge the device with a type-c cable and adapter which come along the tab in the box.

Samsung Tab A7 comes with a TFT display though Samsung's flagship tablet like the S6 boosts an AMOLED display. The display is crisp as it has 2000x2000-pixel resolution. Interestingly colours don't look very vibrant as we have seen in few flagship tablets of Samsung in the past but we would say it's decent keeping in mind the usage we are suggesting it for. We tried a lot of streaming and ott apps on the device and its overall experience is satisfactory keeping in mind the price bracket TAB A7 is coming in. We tried the device in both the regular and dark mode and we found the regular mode much better as the screen was much brighter.


Tab A7 runs on the Snapdragon 662 processor which means if your day to day activity involves checking mail, browsing the internet, watching movies, listening to music, attending video calls then this device will not disappoint you and will work impressively without any resistance.

Though Tab A7 doesn't match the speed on the Galaxy Tab S7 as sometimes I found the device getting slow while trying to shuffle between the apps quickly but for most of the people it won't be an issue. It comes with a 32 GB storage option in India while you have the option of expanding the space through the microSD card but for some people the space matters as they don't want to add an additional cost of buying the microSD card.

Camera & Battery

It comes with asn 8MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. We tried the front camera for doing few lives and for attending video calls, conferences etc and it was a satisfactory experience. The rear camera can be used for clicking pictures and recording videos but it won't be able to replace your smartphone for clicking pictures.

Though images clicked through A7 under a well lit area was good but under low light we didn't get good results as the device takes time to focus on the objects and at times there is a lot of noise in it. The device has a large 7040 mAh batter and it comes with a 15W fast charging support. During our daily usage which included video calls, music streaming and binge watching it lasted over 9 hours which if we compare with laptops then it is much longer.


For a price of Rs 18,000 the Galaxy Tab A7 is a device which will suit people who are looking out for an option for attending online classes, recording videos for online classes, video calls, video conferencing, music streaming, netflixing, playing games etc. but If you are looking out for something which will replace your laptop then Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the device for you not Tab A7.

(The article is written by Varun Sharma, Social Media Head, Jagran New Media)

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta