Netflix Bans Over 1 Million User Accounts; Here's Why

Netflix a popular medium of entertainment has banned over 1 million subscribers account. Scroll to check the reason behind it.

By Ashita Singh
Wed, 01 Jun 2022 03:21 PM IST
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Netflix Bans Over 1 Million User Accounts; Here's Why

New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: Streaming giant, Netflix has banned more than one million subscribers from its platform. As per reports, all the account holders whose account was banned belonged to Russia. During the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the California-based streaming giant had shut its operation in Russia. Now, all Russian citizens won't be able to access their subscription Netflix accounts too. This has been done for smartphones, TV and laptop users. Following this move, the OTT giant, Netflix has now joined the list of growing western brands that have boycotted the country including Mc Donalds.

For the lesser-known, it was the month of March when Netflix paused its all projects and acquisitions from Russia. After doing so, Netflix through officials also issued a statement that the company will be pulling out of the country. However, the decision was finally enacted this week as Netflix officially shut down in Russia.

Netflix was a popular form of entertainment source in Russian households, and this decision has come off as a shock to many. According to a report by Express, Russian customers have filed a lawsuit against the streaming giant demanding 60 million Russian Rubles (around Rs. 7.5 Crore) as compensation for this abrupt shutdown.

But, Express also reported that many Russian citizens are still accessing the streaming platform by using VPNs. Netflix released one of its most popular original series Stranger Things last week, following which the demand for the platform has risen in Russia.

Due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Russia has faced multiple sanctions coming both from foreign governments such as the UK, US and others as well as boycotts from private organizations. Following the war started by Russia, iconic brands that have shut shop in Russia following the war include McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Heineken, Starbucks and now Netflix.

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