New Delhi | Jagran Technology News: OTT platforms are fast gaining ground in India and work from home is kind of a new normal. For that, you need extra data or add on packs. To resolve data problems, data add-on packs have been launched by telecom companies, which cater to your daily extra data needs. Now, it is better to take data to add on pack with a regular recharge of Jio. Jio's initial add on recharge pack comes for Rs 151. 30GB extra data is available on this recharge pack. Apart from that, recharge packs of Rs 201 and Rs 251 are also available. All these three data add on packs are available with a validity of 30 days.

Jio Data Add-on Recharge Pack

Three recharge packs have been introduced by Jio under the Work from Home add-on Pack. Two other pre-paid recharge packs of Rs 201 and Rs 251 are available with Jio's Rs 151 recharge plan. 30GB high-speed 4G Internet Unlimited data is made available on an add-on recharge pack of Rs 151. At the same time, 40 GB of unlimited data is available for 30 days on the add-on pack of Rs 201. The same 50GB unlimited data is offered on a recharge plan of Rs 251.

Add-on pack activation

The data add on pack is activated when your daily received data is exhausted. That means, if you get daily 3GB data from the regular recharge pack when you fully use this daily 3GB data, then your data pack becomes active. Users can use this 30GB, 40GB and 50GB data according to their needs, if they can use it in a day, or they can use it for 30 days according to their need. It is activated after the 3GB data per day of 30GB is exhausted.

Apart from that Jio has made its fiber line available in many cities and towns. So, if you need more data then, you can switch to LAN service. However, a 50GB data-on pack id sufficient for your work from home.


Posted By: Srishti Goel