Instagram Tips: Want To Get More Views On Reels? Check These 5 Hacks

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms and reels its most used feature. Here are 5 tricks on how to get more views on your creation. Scroll to check

By Ashita Singh
Tue, 14 Jun 2022 05:01 PM IST
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Instagram Tips: Want To Get More Views On Reels? Check These 5 Hacks
Pic Credits- Reuters

New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: Meta-owned, popular social media platform Instagram introduced the Reels feature in the year 2020 to directly compete with Tik Tok. The Reels feature slowly and gradually more and more famous and it was during the covid-19 pandemic that everyone from their respective home started creating more and more reels.

Instagram Reels currently allow users to make and upload videos for upto 90 seconds, earlier the same duration was 60 seconds. The very loved feature of Instagram allows you to record videos and put audio over them. For the same, it provides an extensive database of music and tracks, more over a user can choose their own track too. To make it even more unique, the social media feature provides special effects, AR, and different filters.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to increase views on your Instagram reels:

Engaging Creation

Create content that will reach out to the wider audience and keep them engaged. Keep an eye on popular tracks and topics, on trending tracks and topics to gain more views

Consistency is the Key

Upload reels consistently in order to keep your audience interested and engaged. If you are a content creator follow a routine in uploading reels to tweak the algorithm in your favour.

Hashtags Are Important

Always try to use appropriate hashtags with your Reels. Look out for hashtags that go with your Reel, hashtags that are trending with context to your Reel and use them.

Follow Trends and Popular Songs

Use popular and engaging audio tracks in your reels. Look out for audio tracks that are trending on the platform. Recently released tracks or trending tracks are the most appropriate to get more audience on your reel.

Caption Should be Interesting

Make sure you use to put up engaging captions on your Reels. Your captions should be short, engaging and creative. Usually people don't read longer captions.

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