New Delhi | Jagran Tech Desk: In a massive crackdown against the hateful content, Facebook deleted over 22.5 million posts of hate speech from its platform in the second quarter of 2020, marking a roughly 130 per cent increase from the 9.6 million in the first quarter.

The social media giant has released the sixth edition of its Community Standards Enforcement Report that provided a metric on how it enforced its policies from April 2020 through June 2020.

The proactive detection rate for hate speech on Facebook increased 6 points from 89 per cent to 95 per cent. The company expanded some of its automation technology in Spanish, Arabic and Indonesian and made improvements to its English detection technology in Q1.

On Instagram, the proactive detection rate for hate speech increased 39 points from 45 per cent to 84 per cent and the amount of content the company took action on increased from 808,900 in Q1 2020 to 3.3 million in Q2, as per the Community Standards Enforcement Report.

The company attributed the spike in numbers to its proactive detection technologies in English and Spanish.

“Another area where we saw improvements due to our technology was terrorism content. On Facebook, the amount of content we took action on increased from 6.3 million in Q1 to 8.7 million in Q2. And thanks to both improvements in our technology and the return of some content reviewers, we saw increases in the amount of content we took action on connected to organized hate on Instagram and bullying and harassment on both Facebook and Instagram,” the report read.

The social media giant further said that it was updating its policies to more specifically account for certain kinds of implicit hate speech, such as content depicting blackface, or stereotypes about Jewish people controlling the world.

Posted By: Lakshay Raja