New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: With the growing use of social media platforms, the prevalence of hate speeches attacking the creators has also increased. However, with the growing outrage over online hatred, social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have started removing hateful content from their sites and apps.

As a result of its steps to decrease online trolling and hate speeches, the newly-branded company Meta, which owned Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has claimed that the prevalence of hate speech on Facebook continued to decrease for the fourth quarter in a row this year. The company also revealed, for the first time, that hate speech prevalence on Instagram was 0.02 per cent for the third quarter (Q3).

According to a statement by Meta, the prevalence of hate speeches on Facebook decreased from 0.05 per cent in Q2 to 0.03 per cent or 3 views of hate speech per 10,000 views of content in the September quarter (Q3).

"We continue to see a reduction in hate speech due to our improvements in our technology and ranking changes that reduce problematic content in News Feed, including through improved personalization," Meta said in a statement.

The social network removed 13.6 million pieces of content on Facebook for violating its violence and incitement policy, while it removed 3.3 million pieces of hateful content with a proactive detection rate of 96.4 per cent from Instagram, Meta said.

In Q3, the prevalence of bullying and harassment content was 0.14-0.15 per cent or between 14 and 15 views of bullying and harassment content per 10,000 views of content on Facebook. On Instagram, it was 0.05-0.06 per cent or between 5 and 6 views per 10,000 views of content on Instagram.

"We removed 9.2 million pieces of bullying and harassment content on Facebook, with a proactive rate of 59.4 per cent. We removed 7.8 million pieces of bullying and harassment content on Instagram with a proactive rate of 83.2 per cent," the company noted.

Meanwhile, a report by Economic Times stated that India topped Facebook's Integrity Country Prioritisation list for 2021. The Integrity Country Prioritisation list is an internal list of countries that are at the highest risk of hate speeches and misinformation.

In the list, reported by ET, India is followed by Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia. The other countries on the list include the Philippines, Yemen, Egypt, Russia and Myanmar. The social media giant further stated that it needs to come out of risk in India this year with respect to misinformation, hate speeches, incitement and other harms.

Meta in its internal memo also stated that its integrity systems outside the US are less effective and lack prevalence measurements. “We lack human support — labellers, content reviewers and partnerships. As a result, prevalence reduction interventions are often weaker,” the memo by Meta read.


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Posted By: Talibuddin Khan