New Delhi | Jagran Tech Desk: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is arguably world’s most favourite social networking site and is ringing in its 17th birthday on Feb 4. And on the special day we bring you an interesting trivia about one of the many surprising decisions of Facebook which made the users go ‘Why?’.

Although, there are a lot of ‘Whens’ and ‘Whys’ but the one which caught everyone’s attention a little more than usual was the ‘dislike’ button.

‘Dislike’ or ‘Downvote’?

Firstly, to bring to your notice, it was actually called the ‘downvote’ button rather than ‘dislike’ which people usually termed it as. The feature was added along side the ‘like’ button, which is a thumbs-up button, to express one’s disapproval over something.

Why was it discontinued?

As per reports, the ‘downvote’ button was rolled out as Facebook thought that it could have been used to spread negativity or bullying. The CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “not every moment is a good moment” and added that any feature on the site needed to be very responsibly and carefully designed.

However, to add more features besides the ‘like’ button, Facebook introduced its reaction buttons which allowed people to react through different expressions of anger, laughter and more.

Other facts and trivia

So, here are some interesting must-know facts about Facebook:

  • It is offcially known as Facebook, Inc. and is a California based company founded by Mark Zuckerberg on Feb 4, 2004, along with his fellow roommates named and students at Harvard College.
  • This is one of the biggest five companies in the United States IT industry apart from Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.
  • Facebook has acquired big apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and more which are equally famous.
  • That’s not all Facebook also has an Indian connetion as it holds 9.9% stake in Ambanis’ Jio Platforms.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta