Google To Rollout Android 13 For Smart TVs; What New Features Will It Offer

Google has announced Android 13 for the Smart TVs. It may be available for the Smart TVs within few weeks.

Google To Rollout Android 13 For Smart TVs; What New Features Will It Offer

If you own a smart TV, there is a good chance that you will soon get an update to Android 13 OS within a few weeks. This came after the tech giant Google has rolled out the new and latest operating system for TVs. Notably, the tech giant has rolled out the Android 13 with its latest flagship Pixel 7 series.

The new operating system is set to feature some new changes with better performance, more personalisations, and some minor changes to the UIs including the logos. But the update will be limited to the TVs which are already running on Android 12.

The update will produce the best audio experience for those who enjoy binge-watching on streaming services or even for gamers who use Playstation or Xbox consoles thanks to improved performance. Before creating an AudioTrack, a smart TV running Android 13 OS will also be able to recognise the routing device and the supported formats as of the most recent software update. Not only that, but the update will also enable users to alter the resolution and refresh rate via an HDMI source, which will lower their electricity costs by lowering the television's power consumption (while in standby mode).

The availability of a hardware mute switch status, more individualised user control for microphone access, and a new keyboard layout API, among other features, have been added by Google to the privacy and security settings. These features will enable users to integrate the new external keyboards on televisions (for different languages).

If you have ADT-3 Developer Kit for Google TV, follow these steps to install Android 13:

1. Use the ADT-3 Developer Kit for Google TV. The provided system image is for ADT-3 developer devices only.

2. Download the system image listed on this page.

3. If needed, back up your device data.

4. Flash the image onto your ADT-3 device. Manually flashing a device gives you precise control over the test environment and can be performed with command line tools.

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