New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: In a bid to enhance privacy, Google has updated its Play Store policies and prevented all third-party apps from using the Accessibility API. This means, that from May 11th, Wednesday, all the third-party call recording apps on its platforms will stop working. However, it remains uncertain how Google plans to implement this policy. This means it’s unclear if Google will block all the third-party call recording apps on its Play Store or if it will ask developers to remove their apps from the platform.

Users must also note that, while Google is banning call recording apps on its platform starting May 11, not all call recording apps are being banned from the platform. The company clarified that all built-in call recording apps that are available as a part of the user interface will not be affected by this change. The Google Phone app, offering built-in call recording, is exempt from the change. Smartphones like Samsung, One Plus, Xiaomi and others which come with built-in recording features will continue to work.

As per GSM Arena, these changes are towards improved privacy and security, as call recording laws across the world vary quite a bit. However, system and pre-installed apps already having permission to tap on the Accessibility API won't be affected by the change. "The Accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording," a clause from the updated Play Store policies reads.

Last month, the company held a YouTube webinar for all of its developers to help them comprehend the changes. "In this context, remote refers to call audio recording in which the person on the other end is ignorant of the recording. So, if the app is the phone's default dialer and comes pre-loaded, accessibility isn't required to access the incoming audio stream, and the app isn't in breach. The revised phrasing will apply to all apps starting May 11, as this is a clarification to an existing guideline," Google explained in the webinar.

Posted By: Ashita Singh