New Delhi | Varun Sharma: I am an avid runner and smartwatches are my companions through my runs. Over the past few years I have been using the Apple Watch to track my running and workout experiences but few weeks back I realized that my Apple watch won't be able to be my running companion anymore as the battery life was almost over. I have been thinking of experimenting with another smartwatch for some time now, which will be my go-to running buddy.

Garmin is the only brand that comes to my mind when I think of moving out of the Apple ecosystem. After a lot of brain storing, I did that and started using Garmin Venu 2S. The shift from Circular dials in the earlier times to Apple watch rectangular dials to back to circular dials was something I was not really prepared for but I have to give it a try. So I used the Garmin Venu 2S for a couple of weeks and here is how it worked out for me.

The first thing you will realize about the Venu 2S is that the watch dial will look comparatively smaller as it boasts a 40mm dial. For people who are not too much into running, let me tell you the bare minimum is what we like to carry along with us while we are on the trail.

A smaller dial size sank into my routine because of two reasons; one I have a small wrist size and second I was relieved with the stress of not hitting the sides of my watch with objects during my workout sessions. For people with smaller wrist size it fits perfectly well though I like wearing watches with bigger dial sizes they do come with a caution that you might end up hitting them somewhere as during the workouts your major focus is on the form.

Another thing which I would like to tell all the readers is that Garmin watches are geared towards those who are into fitness and would like to see their smartwatches slightly tougher.

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I also like to wear my watch to work so a good display and connectivity with the phone is an important aspect for me. Venu 2S comes with an AMOLED display that is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so another tick mark is there for protection. The watch weighs just 38.2 g so you won't feel anything around your wrist and at times you might forget that you are wearing a watch until it gives you a buzz that you have been inactive for a long time and it's time to move around.

I really like these small alerts because otherwise we are all so indulge in work that we forget how important it is to take a 2 min stand or walk break. I really like the stress tracking feature in Venu 2S and at times just to keep the stress counter low I started doing deep breathing. A lot of studies suggest that stress is the root cause for a lot of health-related issues. To manage your stress level well by keeping track of it.

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Battery life plays a very important part if you wear your smartwatch in the office and then follow it up during the workouts. Garmin watches never disappoint when it comes to GPS & battery backup. Venu 2S because of its smaller circumference have some limitations. The company claims that in smartwatch mode it will last you 10 days but during our usage, it was 8 days which according to me is a good battery backup. An active heart rate monitoring is a good way to keep a tab on your health vitals.

During our usage I found the heart rate on +3-4 level vs my earlier Apple watch so to test it out I compared it with the oximeter and on some occasions, it matched while sometimes I saw a variation on +3-4 level.

Another feature that caught my attention was the Fitness age, while it may sound self-explanatory but let me tell you that it analyses your data to see how to fit you are in relation to your age. For me, it was showing 28 as the fitness age which is obviously much less than my actual age and when I saw this as the result is kind of brought a smile to my face as who doesn't like to be viewed younger than the actual age.

Just in case you will search your watch for it you will have to download the Garmin Connect app to sync your watch before you start using it. Inside the app you can also find Health snapshots too. The health snapshot includes the Body battery measurement too, It measures your body battery on a scale of 1-100 I.e: the higher number means you're charged up for activity and a lower number means your battery is drained and you might need a break. For an accurate count on body battery, stress level you are advised to wear your watch throughout the day.

Now let's talk about the cool-looking watch faces which you can change on your watch dial to give you a refreshed look every time you swing your arm to watch the time or alert. There are a few per loaded watch faces which comes with the watch but you can add on more watch faces by just downloading the Garmin Connect IQ app from the App/Play store. There are a lot of free options available in the app depending upon your liking and usage. Data-rich, race day, digital faces, natural beauty, weather at glance to data fields for cyclists there is a face option available for you to choose from.

Verdict: From selecting multiple fitness options to analysing my breathing pattern to completing my hydration goal for the day. Garmin Venu 2S has been a good companion. From the initial raised eyebrow first look towards it to the smile every time I wrap it around my wrist, Venu 2S showcases the best of what Garmin has to offer but in a miniature version. The fast GPS tracking & 10-day battery life is something you will love if running and fitness is your daily dose of relaxation.


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Posted By: Talibuddin Khan