New Delhi | Varun Sharma: Clocking on the success of the patented solar charging technology in fēnix 6X Pro Solar, last year, Garmin India, on Friday expanded its portfolio of solar-powered smartwatches with the launch of all-new ‘Instinct Solar, fēnix 6 Pro Solar’.

Designed and built to accompany the enthusiasts, the new solar-powered smartwatches utilizes solar energy output to support major functions of the smartwatch-like heart rate, Pulse Ox, Body Battery, advanced sleep monitoring, stress tracking, giving health insights to users.

With these smartwatches, fitness enthusiasts can continue their fitness regimes with the new pre-loaded sports activities like indoor climbing, fishing, mountain biking along with other activities including running, swimming, yoga, golf, Pilates, etc, pushing them to explore new challenges.

Garmin has invested in over 30 patents that utilize sophisticated technology to design a one-of-a-kind solar panel - Power GlassTM, made up of an ultra-thin multilayer structure which allows for continuous solar charging even when the panel is partially covered, extending the battery life of the smartwatch in all modes in the Power Manager feature.

Now with the solar charging technology, users will enjoy increased battery life and new purpose-built functionality including surf, mountain biking and climbing activities.

Introducing the new solar-powered, feature-loaded smartwatch series, Ali Rizvi, Director, Garmin India said, “Garmin’s multisport GPS watches are the choice for athletes and adventurers willing to push themselves through the next mile or over the next mountain. Using our solar capabilities, the new Instinct and fēnix 6 solar watches provide extraordinary battery life and give customers the ability to follow their passion to the sunset and further. The Instinct solar and fēnix 6 Solar Series will help users to push their limits with enhanced features and exceptional battery life.”

Instinct Solar for the rugged, outdoor enthusiast

Garmin has incorporated the solar lens technology into its Instinct range of outdoor multisport watches to cater to the outdoor enthusiast. With the Power Manager feature, users can toggle to the Battery Saver mode to enjoy unlimited battery life on the Instinct Solar and Instinct Solar – Camo Edition.

In addition to Instinct’s list of outdoor activity and health tracking features, Instinct Solar series now also includes the Body Battery feature which analyzes heart rate variability, stress level, sleep quality and activity data to determine overall energy levels.

Another newly added feature is the Pulse Ox (SpO2)2, a technology which measures blood oxygen saturation – a useful health indicator to monitor during this time of pandemic as the COVID-19 virus can lead to pneumonia infection in which the lung's air sacs are filled with fluid, leading to a drop in blood oxygen level. A sudden drop in SpO2 levels may indicate the early onset of symptoms.

The Instinct Solar series boasts up to 24 days in smartwatch mode indoors and more than 50 days with sufficient solar exposure. Users can make these battery-extending changes on the fly through Instinct Solar’s incorporation of Power Manager.


(This article is written by Varun Sharma, Social Media Head, Jagran New Media)

Posted By: Talib Khan