New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: India is currently dealing with a devastating second COVID-19 wave that has swept through the nation, crushing the country's health infrastructure and overburdening frontline medical workers. Amid the second wave, it is important for us to maintain a health record of ourselves and monitor our oxygen levels, temperature and other important parameters on a daily basis. Several medical devices are there in the market which can help you maintain and monitor your health daily. Here are 7 must-have gadgets at your home which will help you sail through these testing times:


This is a must-have device every household should get hold of. It helps in measuring the oxygen saturation level ( Spo2) in your blood and pulse rate. Plus the device is affordable and very easy to use. You simply have to insert your finger into the device to know the readings.

Oxygen Concentrators

Again, Oxygen Concentrator is a very helpful machine that helps in providing supplemental oxygen for long hours without the need to replace or refill. It works on a battery that needs to be recharged through an electric outlet. Many concentrators also come with an adapter which makes it easy to use the machine while you are travelling.

Digital thermometer

This contactless digital thermometer is also a must-have device in every household nowadays. The thermometer is non-invasive meaning that it does not have to be put in your mouth or arm to record the temperature. This device comes with a variety of options easily available online.

Medical Alert System

A medical alert system is a crucial device for elderly people or those COVID patients who are living alone in isolation. The system sends out an alarm to friends and family in case the patient has an emergency. Only a button needs to be pressed to raise the alarm which can be conveniently placed near the patient.

Smart Watch with Spo2 tracking

Smart Watches nowadays can also measure SpO2 level and pulse rate. They can be relied upon in case of emergency, although they cannot be taken as a replacement for an Oximeter.

Fitness bands with Sp02 tracking

Just like the smartwatches, there are many fitness bands in the market that can track Spo2 levels. They can come in handy in case if you don’t have an Oximeter in a particular situation. These should also not be used as a replacement for an Oximeter.

UV Sanitizer box

To keep your house virus free you can use this UV Sanitizer box. It can help you to desensitize small objects like your phone, keys, etc. Plus the device is easy to use with just a click of a button

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan