From Capcut To FilmoraGo, 4 Best Free Video Editing Apps That You Can Use On Your Phone

Here are 4 top free video editing platforms for your phones to edit your videos aesthetically.

From Capcut To FilmoraGo, 4 Best Free Video Editing Apps That You Can Use On Your Phone

Making videos requires editing as a necessary step. The majority of people edit their videos on computers, but now that there are numerous applications available, you can do it on your smartphone. The majority of these apps provide simple video editing tools, but some of them are remarkably sophisticated. They all make it simple to trim, merge, and label clips. Additionally, they have effective organisational tools that aid in keeping you on schedule.

Using the appropriate apps, anyone can make a video that appears professional. Before editing clips, most apps let you add transitions, add movements, and trim them. You now have the ideal foundation upon which to build your masterpiece. You can also merge multiple videos into one single clip. This makes it simple to include music and voice-overs in an existing video. Any portions of the video that you want to keep off-limits to the general public can be easily cut out. After that, all that remains is to add titles and spread the word about your masterpiece.

Here are 5 top video editing apps that you can access on your smartphones:

1. Quik:

Made by GoPro, Quik is among the top free video editing apps with amazing edit capabilities. With this you can create beat-synchronised themes by adding the available transitions and effects. Adding on to that, you can change the aspect ratio of the video for size dedicated platforms like YouTube, Instagram and more.

2. FilmoraGo:

Yet another powerful editing tool with tons of capabilities is FilmoraGo. You can trim, compile, add transitions, effects, music to your videos. You create slow motions, reverse videos, text animations, and more with this platform. There is a paid version of the application but majority of the useful features are free.

3. CapCut:

This platform is available for both iPhone and Android features with a timeline based user interface (just like Adobe Premier Pro) and has a lot of editing options including the exposure settings as well. The application can even help in removing the background, add audio, titles, stickers and much more.

4. WeVideo:

A cloud-based video editing platform that enables users to edit audio, listen to songs with commercial licences, and share videos in 4K resolution. With this, the platform enables the user to edit videos in an attractive manner and make the most of their shots using a variety of built-in editing tools.

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