New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: There is going to be a big change from today onwards in making calls to mobile phones from any landline number. Now, you have to add 'zero' before a mobile number to make a call through any landline number. The change has been introduced days after the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had recommended it to the Department of Telecommunications. The new change will help the telecom operators in creating more new numbers.

To avoid any inconvenience to the users, the telecom operators on Thursday had informed their respective customers, through a message, that from January 15 they have to dial zero before the mobile number to place a call from landlines. The Department of Telecommunications has recently issued a directive for this also.

Telecom giant, Airtel, in its message to users wrote, "Under the directive of the Department of Telecommunications, which has been in operation since January 15, 2021, you will have to dial zero before the number while connecting the phone from your landline to a mobile."

253.9 crore new numbers can be created

The Department of Telecommunications earlier in November had said that consumers would have to first dial zero when making a call from a landline to mobile from January 15. The Ministry of Communications said that this step will help in creating many new numbers for the future. With this, about 253.9 crore new numbers can be created.

Now your mobile number has become 11 digits!

If we say that your mobile number is now 11 digits instead of 10, then it will not be wrong. Actually, to call a mobile number from a landline, 11 numbers have to be dialled from today onwards. By the way, before that, it was necessary to apply zero to call a user's mobile number, which is different from their area. Now it will become a part of our life once again.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan