New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: With the advancement in tech, online attacks and theft have also increased rapidly. In the latest, spyware called PhonesSpy has been found in around 23 android apps across the US and Korean markets. Although the none of the infected applications have been found on the Google Play Store yet.

Zimperium reported the malware in the market and said, "Unlike other spyware campaigns we have covered that take advantage of vulnerabilities on the device, PhoneSpy hides in plain sight, disguising itself as a regular application with purposes ranging from learning Yoga to watching TV and videos, or browsing photos."

PhoneSpy steals crucial and personal data that includes messages, images and even offers remote control of the device.

It also steals SMS messages, phone contacts, call logs, and records audio in real-time, video in real-time using front & rear cameras. It can further access the camera to take photos using front & rear cameras.

“The data stolen from victim devices ranged from personal photos to corporate communications. The victims were broadcasting their private information to the malicious actors with zero indication that something was amiss,” mentioned Zimperium.

“The application is capable of uninstalling any user-installed applications, including mobile security apps. The device’s precise location is available in real-time to the malicious actors, all without the victim knowing. The spyware also enables the threat actor to use phishing pages for harvesting credentials of Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Kakao Talk," the agency said in a statement.

To stay protected from this Spyware you must avoid downloading and installing apps from untrusted third-party app stores. It is advisable to stick to Google Play Store for downloading all your apps. You should also never click any suspicious link received over SMS or emails.

Posted By: Ashita Singh