Beware! These 5 most common online scams can hack your bank account and take all your money; details here

Online fraud has seen a rapid increase in the past few years. Know what are 5 most common types of scams that can hack your account to take all your money here.

By Ashita Singh
Fri, 10 Sep 2021 06:39 PM IST
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Beware! These 5 most common online scams can hack your bank account and take all your money; details here

New Delhi | Jagran Tech Desk: With the rapid advancement in technology and digitization there has been an increase in online traffic. As the traffic has been increased online, there is a rapid growth in online frauds and scams too. Recently, in order to curb the cases of online fraud, the central government has issued helpline no- 155260.

It has been observed over the past few years that people generally fall prey to the most common types of fraud there is. It is very important to be aware of all the methods and tricks that hackers use to carry an online scams. Today we have brought to you a list of the most common online scams that hackers and online thugs use to phish and make people their victims.


In this scam hackers generally phish people posing as a bank or online payment executives. Hackers share links and call people to update their personal details and as they provide information such as mobile numbers or bank accounts, Hackers find out all the other important details to steal money from their accounts.
To prevent such cases, always keep in mind to not share any details such as account number, OTP, or passcode to bank executives even if they insist.


Under this scam online thugs generally send links with attractive cashback offers on Whatsapp or other messaging apps. Those messages contain malicious links, which if clicked steal all the information from your phone or computers. Hackers use that information to further steal money from accounts or even use the information for other harmful things.

SIM upgrade and swipe

Under this fraud, thugs steal all the information of the user first and after developing a fake id they use it to block the SIM card of your phone and get a new Sim under your name. After they activate the SIM card with your number, they easily get access to your accounts which helps them steal money from the banks.

USB charging port

On Airports or stations, even in metros, you can find charging ports that are installed for your convenience but those ports can steal info too. What online thugs do, that they install chips containing malicious ware which eventually steal information, such as pins, numbers, passcode from your phone, and enable them to access your bank account to transfer or transact money.

OLX /Quikr and other platforms

These online platforms let people sell and buy products. But these platforms are now used for online frauds, Hackers target people from such platforms as users have already provided their contact details on the site. Hackers use that information to call and carry out scams in order to steal money.

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