New Delhi | Jagran News Desk:  Most smartphones nowadays come equipped with mandatory fast charging technology. Since the use of smartphones has increased many folds, fast charging became an important feature for a good smartphone.

However, there is a hack called BadPower which can corrupt your fast chargers. According to ZDNet, BadPower modifies the firmware on some devices and stops the fast charger from using a set voltage for charging the smartphones.

While some smartphone chargers can accept up to 20 volts for charging a smartphone, others work on just 5 volts. The BadPower hack can stop some devices from agreeing to 20 volts to charge the smartphone.

"Researchers used a “special device disguised as a mobile phone” to corrupt a fast charger’s firmware, researchers believe that phones, laptops, and other devices infected with the requisite “malicious programs” can be used in a similar way," according to AnroidAuthority.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma