New Delhi | Jagran Tech Desk: Crime case around the cloning of ATM cards is growing at a rapid pace in India as digital payments have increased significantly. The easy targets of ATM fraud are the debit card users as it is impossible for a person to spot the difference if the ATM has tampered.

So far, police across the nation have busted several card cloning rackets in UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states.

This is the reason why people need to understand what is skimming and how to save oneself from such fraud.

What is Skimming?

It is a crime of stealing the data of your debit or credit card and with the help of a skimmer placed where the user inserts the ATM card. When a card is swiped it records the data on the card and with the help of hidden camera the scamster obtains the security PIN of the card.

ATMs placed in the isolated areas are mostly used for this kind of crime as they are semi-operational and do not dispense cash. ATM users believe that they are broken, however, they are stealing card data. ?

How to protect yourself?

1. When you enter the ATM make sure that the scanner where you swipe the card matches with the ATM. Shake the card scanner to see if it is attached to the card reader or not.

2. Keep an eye all tiny holes as scamster can hide the pinhole camera in the small hole.

3. Cover the keypad while entering the PIN to prevent it from the camera and the onlookers from seeing your PIN.

4. Don't use random ATMs such one located on the roadside, restaurants or bars and they are not usually monitored and can be tampered by anyone easily.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv