New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: Technology giant Google has introduced the latest version of its operating system, which will be known as ‘Android 11’. With the latest version, Google has taken things one step further. The new OS will be available for select phones only by third-party OEMs, along with Google’s Pixel mobile phones.  

However, Google will be rolling out the Android 11 on phones across the Android ecosystem slightly faster than the time taken by previous Android OEMs to roll out new versions of the OS.

So if you are waiting to receive the Android 11 on your phone, here are five of the coolest features that the new OS will soon be bringing to your smartphone.

Bubble App Heads:

The Android 11 will let the phones get floating conversation heads for several other chat apps like WhatsApp. This will enable the user to overlay an app on top of other apps on your phone screen and they will easily have a conversation with someone while using a second app in the background.

Priority Notifications:

In the Android 11 update, users can select the priority of notifications, and Android 11 will arrange the notification order in line with those that are the most important. This can really help those who get too many notifications from email, conversation apps and more on a daily basis.

Native Screen Recording:

Finally, screen recording comes to Android natively. However, with native recording, you get default integration of the screen recorder into the system. This will allow users to record and live stream their mobile gameplay sessions, without needing to worry about the safety aspect of using third-party apps.

Superior Privacy Settings:

With Android 11, users will get the ability to grant specific permission to an app only once. This can help make sure that rogue apps do not misuse permissions such as data and location access. Alongside the one-time permission setting, Google also says that if an app is not used for a long span, its permission settings will be revoked and the user will have to grant access to the app manually.  

Quick Audio Output Selection:

With this the users will now get a quick selection button on the notifications panel, using which you can select the output medium of audio on your phone. Right now, the selection process is rather complicated, which means that if you have a Bluetooth speaker and a pair of wireless earphones connected, switching between the two is painful. With Android 11, that is set to change.

Posted By: Talib Khan