New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: Holi 2021 is over and one of the biggest challenges of the festival begin after the celebration is over. No, we aren't talking about taking a bath and washing off the colours from our bodies but from our electronic gadgets. Yes, now a days when people are obsessed to carry their phones everywhere and barely step out without them, the risk of the gadgets getting stained is usually high on Holi. So, if you are struggling with a similar problem with your smartwatch or phones then congratulations, you've landed on the right page. Here we are with some tips and tricks to remove Holi colour stains from your gadgets. 

Try sanitizer

All thanks to COVID-19, every household has a hand sanitizer handy. So, make good use of the liquid and our some of it on a cotton cloth or a hanky and gently clean your gadget with it. This will remove the marks of the colours easily. 

Use alcohol

If you don't happen to have a hand sanitizer at your place then make use of alcohol to clean the stubborn stain from your smartphone.  

Make sure to use tape

Before starting to clean the insides of a gadget with alcohol or sanitizer make sure to use a tape to cover the mic, charging port a more in order to avoid damage. 

Don't use detergent solution 

Make sure not to use detergent or soap water to clean your devices at they may cause your gadgets to stop working. 

Note: Make use of a sanitizer which has 70% of alcohol in it. Also, avoid sanitizers which are gel-based. Make sure not to put sanitizers or alcohol directly on your phone, this may lead to damage. Always pour it out on a cloth and then rub it over the gadget. 

Do give it a try to these solutions and let us know. 

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta