Bengal Governor Receives Flak For Pushing Sunil Chhetri During Award Ceremony | Watch

In a viral video, the Governor of Manipur and West Bengal La Ganesan, is seen pushing aside Sunil Chhetri during a post-march award ceremony.

By Radha Basnet
Mon, 19 Sep 2022 12:40 PM IST
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 Bengal Governor Receives Flak For Pushing Sunil Chhetri During Award Ceremony | Watch
Image Credits: @sports_tak/Twitter

The Governor of Manipur and West Bengal, La Ganesan has been receiving criticism on social media after a viral video showed him “pushing” Indian soccer team captain Sunil Chhetri during an award ceremony.

Bengaluru FC, headed by Sunil Chhetri, won the Durand Cup final on Sunday. During the post-match presentation ceremony, Governor La Ganesan presented the Durand Cup trophy to Sunil Chhetri.

The viral video which has been making rounds on social media platforms showed that the Governor pushed away Sunil Chhetri, purportedly for a better photo opportunity.

After the video went viral, social media users criticised the Governor for his conduct and sought an apology.

Ganesan was standing slightly beside Chhetri when Chhetri was handed the winners’ trophy. Ganesan pushed an Indian soccer player to make his way for the photo. Twitter users slammed the minister for his behaviour and called it "disgraceful."

Another user said Indian politicians merely want to appear on camera to garner attention, they are “brainless”.

“This is why we say Indian politicians got no brain they just only want to show their face on camera to gain fame 😂 this guy asked Sunil Chhetri to move and hold the cup like he won it,” a user commented on the video.

Another person also called Governor’s conduct “shameless Behavior”.

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