New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said that the security breach at Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's residence in Delhi was an "unfortunate coincidence" of Congress workers arriving at the same time when Congress leader and her brother Rahul Gandhi was expected. 

Replying to the debate on the SPG Amendment Bill in the Rajya Sabha, Shah said that a high-level probe has been ordered into the incident and three officials responsible for the breach have been suspended. 

"Priyanka Gandhi got information that Rahul Gandhi was coming to meet her in black SUV, but another black SUV came at the same time which had Meerut Congress leader Sharda Tyagi in it," he said in the Upper House. 

"The car and timing were same, such was the coincidence. That's why the car with Sharda Tyagi went in without security check. Then also, we've ordered high-level probe and suspended 3 officers responsible for breach," Shah added. 

He said three members of Gandhi family have been given Z-plus top-grade security cover with ambulance and are guarded by personnel who were part of SPG previously.

Speaking on the incident, Tyagi said that she was deeply anguished to find that "security was left on homeguards."

"I was born in Congress and I am dedicated to the party. I was deeply anguished to find that security was left on homeguards. I went there for the first time and saw this," she said.

"I didn't know her (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's) house number and asked about it by calling at Congress office. When I went there, (security) didn't even care to see who was sitting in the car, barricade was removed immediately and gate was opened," Tyagi added.

The alleged security breach occurred at Priyanka's residence in central Delhi’s high-security Lodhi Estate last week. 

The car drove right up to the porch near the garden at Priyanka Gandhi's Lodhi Estate home with three men, three women and a girl coming out of the vehicle, sources said. They walked up to Priyanka Gandhi and asked for photos to be taken with her.

She spoke with them nicely, they took pictures with her and then left, the sources said.

The Centre last month replaced the SPG (Special Protection Group) cover of the family of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, assassinated by LTTE terrorists on May 21, 1991, with 'Z-plus' security provided by the Central Reserve Police Force.

Under Z-plus security, they are being protected by CRPF commandos in close proximity besides guards at their homes and where ever they travel in the country.

The Gandhis are without SPG protection after 28 years. They were included in the VVIP security list following an amendment in September, 1991 in the SPG Act of 1988.

Meanwhile, the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed a bill to amend the SPG Act.

According to the amendment, the SPG will now protect the prime minister and members of his immediate family residing with him at his official residence.

It will also provide security to former prime ministers and their immediate family members staying with them at the residence allotted for a period of five years from the date on which they cease to hold the office. 

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta