New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government in Rajasthan won the trust vote in Jaipur at Rajasthan State Assembly on Friday, almost a month after the brutal turmoil between Gehlot and his now-sacked deputy Sachin Pilot.

The crucial development leading up to the stability of Gehlot government came a day after Sachin Pilot met Ashok Gehlot at his Jaipur residence on Thursday, and the patch-up between the Old guard and Young Turk of Congress party took place in Rajasthan.

Here are the ten major developments which defined the torrential rains of the faceoff between Pilot and Gehlot, the series of developments which have now reached the moment of stability.

-Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the vote of confidence could have been proven in Congress party’s favour even without 19 MLAs (Sachin and his 18 supporters), but it wouldn’t have given him the happiness.


-“We could have proved the majority even without these 19 MLAs (Sachin Pilot & 18 MLAs who were supporting him) but it would not have given us happiness. We will bring Vote of Confidence,” Ashok Gehlot was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

- Gehlot has now proven his majority in the Assembly, without a single defection from the Congress party.

- Congress leader Sachin Pilot was seated just at the margin of MLAs in power near the opposition MLAs, a change of seating arrangement attributed to his sacking from the designation of Deputy Chief Minister.


- "Now I am next to the opposition. I have been sent to the sarhad (border). That is because only the bravest and strongest warrior is sent to the border," Sachin said during his short intervention in the state assembly.

- Gehlot and Sachin Pilot on Thursday before meeting the Congress MLAs flashed victory signs and greeted each other, indicating a boost to Congress’s immediate political fortunes in the state.

- The development took place weeks after Gehlot had passed off ‘nikamma’ (useless) jibes at Sachin Pilot at the height of their faceoff, and had said that he was not on speaking terms with his deputy for last 18 months.

- Delhi’s high command played a crucial role in bringing Jaipur’s Congress politicians together, as was indicated by Sachin Pilot’s recent assertion of receiving the cure from a doctor in Delhi. "We consulted a doctor in Delhi and we received our cure. We are back now. We all stand united,” Sachin Pilot said in Rajasthan assembly on his “homecoming” into Congress party.

- Vasundhara Raje was virtually inactive: All through the Gehlot-Pilot breakaway episode, Raje did not issue any statements. Instead, the two-time Chief Minister of Rajasthan was tweeting good luck to exam-appearing students, and the birthday wishes among others, with just one ambiguous comment on Congress crisis which wasn’t exactly directed at the Congress breakaway crisis.

- BSP MLAs defied Mayawati: The six BSP MLAs who defected to the Congress party last year, voted for Ashok Gehlot’s government in the state assembly in an unprecedented defiance of Mayawati’s contrary issuance of voting ‘against the Congress. The support simply strengthened Gehlot’s standing in the state assembly.

Posted By: Talib Khan