Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today hit out at the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh over the killing of a journalist in Ghaziabad. The 50-year-old said that the people of the state were promised Ram Raj' but got 'Gundaraj' instead. Gandhi also expressed grief over the death of the journalist, who died of gunshot wounds in the head.

"Journalist Vikram Joshi was killed for opposing the molestation of his niece. My condolences to the bereaved family. The promise was of giving 'Ram Raj', but gave 'Gundaraj'," he said in a tweet in Hindi.

Vikram Joshi had filed a complaint with the police alleging harassment of his niece on July 16.

Congress leader Ahmed Patel said the killing of the journalist is shocking and another example of the breakdown of law and order in Uttar Pradesh.

"It is also a grim reminder of how the media has been systematically intimidated since the last six years," he alleged on Twitter.


Parts of the Incident was captured on a CCTV camera. CCTV footage shows Vikram Joshi on bike with his daughters when a group of men stops him and starts assaulting him. The two children can be seen running away. The assailants then drag Joshi towards a car and hit him before they flee the spot. With Joshi lying in the pool of blood, the older daughter can be seen rushing towards him and screaming for help. The terrified girl sits on the road next to her father, trying to stop vehicles or people passing by. A couple of people can then be seen rushing to the injured man.


Vikram Joshi’s two daughters can be seen running in panic. After the injured Joshi fell on the ground, one of his daughters can be seen coming back to him while crying and looking for someone to help.

The incident occurred days after Vikram Joshi had filed a complaint with Vijay Nagar Police Station stating that some men were harassing his niece.

Joshi's brother, Aniket Joshi had said, "A few men were harassing his niece a few days ago and my brother had opposed it and also filed a police complaint. A case was also registered following which he was shot at by those miscreants."

(With inputs from PTI)

Posted By: Rakesh Kumar Jha