New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday appealed the farmers protesting against the three agri-marketing legislations to resume talks over the issue with the Central government. Addressing Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister said the government and the Parliament have great respect for the agitators, though the reforms are necessary to empower the agriculture sector.

He said the government was ready to discuss the three legislations clause by clause and make necessary changes if needed.  As the Prime Minister talked over the farm laws, members of the TMC and Congress staged walkout in the Lok Sabha. 

Here are highlights Updates of Budget Session:

6:15 pm: The Lok Sabha has passed motion to thank President for his address to both Houses of Parliament 

6:10 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his address by appealing to the agitating farmers to resume talks with the Central government over farm laws. 

6:02 pm: The Prime Minister said it is important for the country to differentiate between 'Andolanjeevis' and 'Andolankari' as he accused the former of hijacking the ongoing farmers' protest. 

5:58 pm: After Congress, members of the TMC staged walkout in the Lok Sabha during PM Modi's address.

5:50 pm: The Prime Minister accused 'Andolanjeevis of hijacking ongoing protest against three farm laws. 

5:40 pm: The Prime Minister said that the agriculture reforms are necessary as farming needs investment.  

5:30 pm: The Kisan Rail helped farmers sell their goods at a better price, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the Lok Sabha. 

5:20 pm: The Congress party has taken different stands in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, a divided and confused party like this can do no good to country: PM Modi

5:10 pm: Congress MPs staged a walkout after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on farm laws in the Lok Sabha. 

5:00 pm: Those who are disrupting the house are doing so as part of a well-planned strategy, said PM Modi in Lok Sabha. 

4:55 pm: Opposition MPs create an uproar in the Lok Sabha as Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks on Farm Laws during his reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address.

4:50 pm: Some used to term India 'miracle democracy', we broke this illusion; Democracy is woven in our breath, every thought, initiative: PM Modi

4:45 pm: Today we can hear 'Vocal for Local' in every corner of India. People look for local. This sense of self-respect is working a lot for Aatmanirbhar Bharat: PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha

4:40 pm: India needs to emerge as a strong player in the post-COVID world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Lok Sabha. 

4:30 pm: PM Modi thanks women MPs for taking part in the discussion on the President's speech in a large number. "I want to congratulate women MPs who enriched the house proceedings with their thoughts," he said. 

4:25 pm: We're knocking at the doors of 75 yrs of independence. It's a matter of pride for every Indian & an occasion to move forward. We may be in any corner or belong to any strata of society but we must make a new resolve that where do we want to take India at 100 years of freedom: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha. 

4:20 pm: The President's speech showcased India's Sankalp Shakti, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha. 

4:13 pm; PM Narendra Modi arrives at the Lok Sabha. PM Modi to reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address, in the House shortly.

4:00 pm: Delhi: BJP MP Hema Malini arrives at the Parliament.

3:30 pm: Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh arrives at the Parliament. Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address, in Lok Sabha shortly.

3:15 pm: We understand some people superficially while others in-depth. Those who understood me in-depth & saw my work over the years became emotional yesterday. I am thankful to everyone. I would also thank people who messaged me, called me & tweeted for me: Ghulam Nabi Azad, Congress

3:00 pm: A vessel of ours that was stuck in China's sea had one seafarer. After continuous talks between ambassadors in China and the Ministry of External Affairs, the seafarer will soon be returning to India: Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya

2:45 pm: Major Ports Authorities Bill will encourage good competition between major & private ports. It'll boost port land usage & amplify competition in port tariffs. India's major ports will be able to survive while competing with non-major & private ports: Union Min Mansukh Mandaviya

2:30 pm: As per Constitution's 7th Schedule, 'Police' & 'Public Order' are State subjects. It's for States-UTs to see provisions of law are followed in letter & spirit: MHA replies to 'whether Govt would issue instruction to all States-UTs to probe all cases of custodial death, encounter'

2:10 pm: National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued an order dated 04.09.2020 for a mandatory judicial magistrate inquiry into every case of death in Police custody or other custody, authorised by the court, in view of Section 176(1A) of Code of Criminal Procedure: MHA in Rajya Sabha

1:55 pm: All State Govts, incl UP Govt, have been been availing funds under ASMP (Assistance to States for Modernisation of Police) scheme. Amounts released to UP Govt are Rs 118.67 cr & Rs 64.81 cr against allocation of Rs 68.39 cr & Rs 63.19 cr during '18-19 & '19-20 respectively: MHA

1:50 pm: PM Narendra Modi will reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address at 4 pm in Lok Sabha today: PMO

1:40 pm: In its order, SC observed that petitioners had prayed that Union of India & authorities be ordered to conduct a fair probe; if need arises by transferring case to CBI, or SIT be formed. It was also prayed that a sitting/retired SC/HC Judge be appointed: MHA in RS on Hathras case

1:30 pm: In the said order, SC observed that it would be appropriate for the HC to proceed to monitor the investigation in the manner in which it would desire, & that CBI shall report to the HC in the manner as would be directed by the HC through its orders from time to time: MHA in RS

1:20 pm: Further, they also expressed the view that it would be appropriate for investigating agency to complete probe & in any event since local police have been divested of probe and CBI is carrying out the investigation, there would be no room for apprehension at this stage: MHA in RS

1:10 pm: Union Government states that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) did not summon farmers participating in the ongoing farmers' protest

1:00 pm: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has received and registered 2366 and 1877 complaints from Maharashtra in the year 2018-19 and 2019-20 respectively: Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), in Rajya Sabha

12:45 pm: Union government denies that civilians not the employee of the Central Government, incl journalist, were privy to information related to abrogation of Article 370 prior to this information being shared with the Parliament on August 5, 2019

12:30 pm: General discussion on the Union Budget 2021-22 begins in Rajya Sabha

12:15 pm: The Major Port Authorities Bill 2020 passed in Rajya Sabha.

11:50 am: Congress MP K Suresh has given Adjournment Motion Notice in Lok Sabha demanding to discuss the "Alarming rise in COVID19 cases in Kerala"

11:35 am: No. of cross-border infiltration cases reported along India-Bangladesh border reduced in 2020 viz-a-viz 2016. In 2016, there were 654 cases, apprehending 1,601 people. There were 456 cases & 907 arrested in 2017: MoS Home Nityanand Rai in a written reply in Rajya Sabha

11:25 am: There were 420 cases & 884 people arrested in 2018. 500 cases & 1,109 arrested in 2019. While in 2020, there were 489 cases & 955 arrested: MoS Home Nityanand Rai in a written reply in Rajya Sabha on cross border infiltration cases along India-Bangladesh border

11:15 am: Congress MP Manickam Tagore has given an adjournment motion notice in Lok Sabha over the "Abnormal situation at the China border"

11:00 am: From 2016 to 2019, there were 2,548 reported complaints, while registered FIRs were 2,104. The accused named were 4,189. Of which, 4,072 were arrested, charges filed on 1,134 & 212 convicted: MoS Home N. Rai in Rajya Sabha on action against infiltrators at India-Bangladesh border

10:45 am: Pilot project for new design modular fencing on Indo-Pak border in Punjab has been completed in March 2020: MoS Home Nityanand Rai in a written reply in Rajya Sabha

10:20 am: The Rules under The Citizenship Amendment Act are under preparation. The Committee on Subordinate Legislation, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have granted an extension up to 9th April 2021 and 9th July 20201 respectively: MoS Home Nityananda Rai in a written reply in Rajya Sabha

10:10 am: Congress MP Manish Tewari has given an adjournment motion notice in Lok Sabha over BJP leader VK Singh's statement on LAC transgression

10:00 am: Bharatiya Janata Party has issued a three-line whip to its Lok Sabha MPs to be present in the House today

9:50 am: On one hand, some of the carriers want us to open 100% while others would like us to take it slow. Our decision to raise it beyond 80% will depend on the behaviour of the virus: Union Civil Aviation Minister answers an MP's question 'Why are flights not operating up to 80%?'

9:30 am: There is a lot of interest among the members in discussing the Budget. My suggestion is that increase the time to debate the Budget from 10 hours to 12 hours: Congress MP Jairam Ramesh in Rajya Sabha

9:20 am: Rajya Sabha proceedings begin for the day chaired by M Venkaiah Naidu

9:15 am: Bharatiya Janata Party MP Vijay Pal Singh Tomar has given Zero Hour Notice in Rajya Sabha over demand for a separate bench of Allahabad High Court in Western Uttar Pradesh

9:00 am: BJP MP Anil Baluni has given Zero Hour Notice in Rajya Sabha over the need for a mechanism to study glaciers to manage and prevent disasters such as the recent glacier burst in Chamoli, Uttrakhand.

8:45 am: Normally, discussion on General Budget is taken up first in Lok Sabha. But in 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965 and 2002, discussion on Budget commenced first in Rajya Sabha. It's likely that discussion on Budget starts first in Rajya Sabha for only the sixth time today.

8:30 am: The discussion on General Budget is listed after consideration of Major Ports Bill in Rajya Sabha, today. In Lok Sabha, it is listed after the ongoing discussion on Motion of Thanks on the President's address.

8:15 am: The discussion on union budget 2021-22 is slated to be taken up after reply to the motion of thanks on the President's Address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

8:00 am: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will lead the Congress attack during debate on the union budget and will be the first speaker from his party in the discussion likely to be taken up by Lok Sabha on Wednesday

(With ANI, PTI inputs)

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan