New Delhi | Jagran English News: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday slammed the Narendra Modi government over the issue of migrants after the government told Parliament that it has not maintained data on how many migrants died during the coronavirus lockdown. In a sharp retort, the Congress leader, who is abroad for her mother Sonia Gandhi's medical check-up, said that the entire world saw them dying but the Modi government is not aware.

"The Modi government does not know how many migrants died during lockdown... how many lost jobs. If you didn't count... did nobody die? The sad part is that the government does not care about the loss of lives. The world saw them dying... Modi government was unaware," the Congress leader wrote on Twitter in Hindi.

The Congress leader's remarks came after the Narendra Modi government told Parliament that since there was no data maintained on migrant deaths, the question of any compensation to migrants who died while their way back home during the nationwide lockdown doesn't arise.

The Opposition Congress has slammed the government over the issue and termed its "no question of compensation" remark "shocking". 

"Shocking that the labour ministry says it has no data on migrant deaths and hence no question of compensation," Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said. "Sometimes I feel we are blind or the government feels it can take everyone for granted," he added.

Lakhs of migrants were forced to walk back their native homes after the sudden announcement of a countrywide lockdown left them with no food, money or shelter as money were forced to evict by landlords. The migrants started walking back to their homes from cities. Some reached, some died on the way as they walked for days without food.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma