The Opposition Congress on Wednesday termed Narendra Modi government's decision to investigation legal violations by three Gandhi family trusts - Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust and Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust - a "blind witch hunt" by a "panicked government". Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also hit out at the Modi government over the probe into his family's trusts and said that they won't be intimidated.

The Union Home Ministry has set up a committee to coordinate the probe into alleged violations of income tax and money laundering by the three Gandhi family trusts. The committee, home ministry said, would be headed by a special director of the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

Reacting to the government's order, Congress said that the move was BJP's "wild and insidious hatred" and asked if similar investigations will be ordered into the donations recieved by the BJP and its ideological mentor RSS. The Congress party said that the Modi-Shah (Home Minister Amit Shah) government has fallen back on a "devious hounding".

"Facing a barrage of questions on (i) blatant compromise of India's security interests and territorial integrity, (ii) a shocking mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis which continues to devour lives and livelihood on a daily basis and (iii) unable to arrest the economic recession wreaking havoc on the life of every Indian citizen; a desperate Modi-Shah Government has fallen back on a devious hounding of those exposing its ineptitude by ordering a wholly vicious and vengeful investigation of the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust and the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust," the main opposition party said.

Terming the latest move by the Modi govenrment "disinformation, distraction and diversion" tactic, the Congress party said that the trusts were involved in humanitarian work and withstand any enquiry.

"Every day, a new conspiracy is crafted by the delusional BJP leadership so as to spread disinformation, distraction and diversion to bury the apparent incompetence and complete failure of the Modi Government. BJP leadership is also scared of the questions being asked on its deep-rooted Chinese connections, unexplained donations to the PM's fund by Chinese Entities and continued promotion of Chinese-owned businesses," the party said.

Will govt probe Chinese donations into PM-Cares Fund?

The Congress party also asked the government whether donations recieved from Chinese firms into the PM-Cares Fund and the BJP's massive increase in the income and donations of the ruling party will also be investigated.

"Will the Modi Government order an enquiry into the nearly 500% increase in income and donations to the BJP from Rs. 570.86 Crores (in 2015-2016) to Rs. 2410 crores (in 2018-2019)? Let BJP and Modi Government not bury their abject failures in defending our borders, fighting Covid-19, tackling a devastating economic recession, or avoiding answers to the questions," said the Congress.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma