Jaipur | Jagran News Desk: The political crisis in Rajasthan deepens further on Friday with Ashok Gehlot and his loyal MLAs holding a two-hour-long meeting at the CM's residence discussing the six points which the Governor, Kalraj Mishra, raised during his and Gehlot’s meet earlier regarding the conduct of an assembly session.

The cabinet meeting of the Rajasthan government came shortly after the Gehlot and his loyal MLAs staged a five-hour-long protest outside the Raj Bhawan demanding an expedite assembly session.

According to media reports, during the meeting, Ashok Gehlot and his loyal MLAs decided the agenda of the assembly session, which will be coronavirus crisis in the state and the economic situation amid the pandemic. The cabinet also passed a proposal to call an assembly session and will be sending it the Governor later today.

Earlier in the day, the Congress MLAs along with their Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot reached the Raj Bhawan and held a five-hour-long protest accusing him of sitting on the request of calling an assembly session because he was under pressure to hinder majority test.

However, the protest ended after CM Gehlot handed a list 102 MLAs to the Governor and asked him for a fresh assembly session. The Congress said that the Governor has assured them of abiding by Article 174 of the constitution, after getting the clarifications from the Chief Minister.

Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra’s six questions for the Government:

Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra asked the Ashok Gehlot government why it wanted to call an assembly session to secure a vote of confidence if it already has the majority.

In his note to the state government, Governor Mishra emphasized that “no one is above the Constitutional dignity and no pressure politics should be resorted to.”

As per the statement, Mishra said, “The state government had submitted a letter to the Raj Bhawan on July 23 night for convening an assembly session at extremely short notice. The letter was examined on its merits and even legal and constitutional experts were consulted over it”.

In his note, Governor Mishra pointed out that neither any date for convening the session had been mentioned in the Cabinet note, annexed with the government's request for the purpose, nor the Cabinet had given any approval for it.

The government's request has not given any rational either to call the session on such a short notice nor any agenda for it has been proposed, said the governor, pointing out that a 21-day notice is mandatory for calling an assembly session in the normal course.

The Raj Bhawan statement added that Governor Mishra has also asked the government “to ensure the independence and freedom of movement of all members of the legislative assembly”.

The governor also asked the government to “explain the manner in which the assembly session would be convened amid the ongoing spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the state”.

The Raj Bhawan has specifically directed that “the constitutional dignity and the relevant procedure must be adhered to in any action by the government”, the statement said.

On Friday, the High Court provided relief to the Sachin Pilot camp and ordered a ‘status quo’ till Monday on the disqualification notices sent to them by the Speaker. It also admitted a petition filed by the 19 dissident MLAs to include the Centre in the list of respondents to their petition.


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Posted By: Talib Khan