Lockdown 3.0: People flout social distancing norms as govt allows liquor shops to open outside containment zones | In Pics

5 photos    |  Mon, 04 May 2020 06:30 PM IST
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With the ease in restrictions following the new guidelines issued by the government in the third phase of coronavirus lockdown, people lined up outside liquor shops to purchase wine across several parts of the country in orange, green and red zones. (Pic credits: Pallav Palliwal)

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As per MHA, liquor shops are allowed to function in green and orange zones as well as to those located outside hotspots or containment areas even in the red zones, but with certain conditions. The shops are allowed to open while making sure that six feet of distancing is maintained from each other and not more than five persons are present at one time. (Pic credits: Pallav Palliwal)

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“Liquor stores and pan shops will be allowed to function in green zones while ensuring a minimum six feet distance from each other and ensuring that not more than five persons are present at one time at the shop,” the statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said. (Pic credits: Pallav Palliwal)

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People line up outside a liquor shop as government allows liquor shops to open in the several states from today except for the containment zones. The ministry has said that the "consumption of liquor, paan, gutka, tobacco etc is not allowed in public places." (Pic credits: Pallav Palliwal)

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Liquor shops and paan and tobacco outlets would be allowed to open in green, orange, and certain rural belts of red zones but not in shops located in malls, marketing complexes, and in containment areas. The government has divided over 700 districts in the country into red, green, orange, and containment zones depending on the number of cases of COVID-19. (Pic credits: Pallav Palliwal)

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