Paint India's Picture With Pride And Applaud 75 Years Of Glory

As India will celebrate its 75 years of Independence, it is the time to take pride in the achievements of the country and work towards its betterment.

Paint India's Picture With Pride And Applaud 75 Years Of Glory
Student painting wall to celebrate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav ahead of Independence Day in Prayagraj: Photo (ANI)

As we were travelling from Gurgaon to Sohna (a small village and a fast developing urban city in the neighbourhood of buzzing Gurgaon city), we noticed the super express highway of world-class quality. As we began to feel excited about the work done in such a short span of time, my son in his early 20s and his friend naturally exclaimed “Aisa Lagta nahin hai ki hum India main Hain”.

I am sure some of you would have also heard of this or even spoken about the same at times. As we are celebrating the 75th year of India’s Independence, I feel a huge sense of pride witnessing the landscape of my Great Country Mother India.

We have been witnessing a huge growth in major sectors in our country. We experience this while travelling from one city to another where we have - super express highways reducing our travel time. We have smart cities, railway stations and airports which are comparable to the best. We have some of the best healthcare facilities and Educational institutions. And above all, we have the power of 1.3 billion amazing young people.

India is today on the verge of becoming a developed country. We have been recognized as a powerful country with a huge global significance. India’s management of the recent epidemic is a quoted example the world over. Our sports champions like Neeraj Chopra and Mary Kom have made us really proud and have brought India on the global platform. We are the largest democracy in the world and that itself is a huge reason to be proud. And the list can go longer and longer.

I was listening to the news yesterday and had a very mixed feeling. A look at the world environment around and that got me thinking, on one hand, there was a mention about some well-known countries already collapsed under the burden of debt and some others on the verge of it. There is an atmosphere of war, fear and insecurity in many countries. While I was watching this on television, I silently expressed my gratitude and counted my blessings to be an Indian.

Yes, we do have many grounds to cover. We as citizens of this great country are required to work towards creating a change. There are many sectors where we need to focus our attention to and ensure that the gap between the haves and have-nots is narrowed over time. We are a young country and the power of youth is humongous if channelized in the right direction. We need to make sure that every citizen of this country wears the pride for the country on its sleeve and starts to speak about the GOOD that happens around us and, of course, work towards changing and re-creating whatever is broken.

I often wonder about the merit of the narrative "Aisa Lagta nahin hai ki hum India main Hain”. Do we need to be so cynical and have an attitude of disregard for our country? How come everything outside our own country seems beautiful and perfect?

Let us all make a promise to ourselves on this 75th Independence Day, we will not highlight the ‘Not so good’ in our country but rather work to create a better India. Time to think… How about painting the picture of our MOTHER INDIA with bright sparkling colours! IT IS THE TIME NOW! Seventy-five years of hard work and blood sweat, and tears of each and every citizen of the great country need to be applauded and celebrated.

'IT IS THE TIME NOW' that we focus on the brighter side of things and boost it with positive energy. True Independence will happen when we break free from our old beliefs. Time to exclaim with pride “Haan, Hum India Main Hi Hain”.

About The Author:

Anjali Ahuja is an ICF-certified Mindset Transformation Coach and a Career Coach, an Author, a Ted Ex-Speaker, a successful corporate professional, and a thought leader. Anjali has authored a book, "Career Misadventures & how to avoid them", which has received very encouraging reviews from several readers on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: The writer, Parth Sanan, is a 17-year-old, grade 12 student at DPS RK Puram and a very keen climatist - climate activist. The views expressed in the article are of the writer not of the organisation.)

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