For upcoming elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is planning to conduct 40 rallies across 144 Lok Sabha seats and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to hold one rally in every cluster. The party will hold rallies in all those places where they lost in the 2019 General elections.

Under the Lok Sabha Pravas Yojana Phase-2, BJP has planned that out of 144 weak or lost Lok Sabha seats across the country, PM Modi will hold 40 big rallies at 40 places. These 40 public meetings of the Prime Minister will be organized in all 40 clusters.

Reportedly, in the remaining 104 seats, BJP President JP Nadda, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and other Union Cabinet Ministers will travel and hold public meetings for the party.

Meanwhile, BJP is also planning to hold regular meetings with the influential local figures of the cluster, as well as listen to the grievances of the local dissatisfied leaders of the BJP and give a solution. Under the Pravas Yojana Phase-2, all 40 central government ministers will have to do 5-point work.

The 5 point plan of the BJP includes Implementing the campaign plan, Running the public outreach programme, Political Management, Setting up the narrative management Last and Staying overnight in a Lok Sabha constituency of the cluster.

During the campaign in 40 clusters, the cabinet minister in charge of the cluster has to have a close door meeting with the local religious leaders, seers and local leaders of different communities at their home/place and will also have to participate actively in local community festivals and customs, local fair, will have to participate in rituals, street programs and programs organized at the local level.

Along with the local officials and key workers of all the affiliated organizations of the Sangh, will also have to organize a meeting with the ministers in charge and the organization leader in charge, apart from this, the local effective voters especially lawyers, regular virtual meetings will also have to be held with doctors, professors, businessmen and other professionals.

Posted By: JE News Desk