New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: What does the movement of the stars say in your life? Will you achieve success this year or you will have to wait for another year. Nowadays, everyone makes best efforts to upgrade his life, but they are worried about their future. Despite working hard at times, the results are underachieved. It can get you frustrated, but you don't need to fret as we've got you covered. The annual horoscope 2020 will help you get the insights. All your locked possibilities have been explained in this annual horoscope, which is related to your money, health, career, love and family life. This is an overall horoscope for all the 12 zodiac signs and includes a detailed forecast.

With this 2020 annual horoscope based on your moon sign (as per Vedic astrology), you will get the astrological solution to all your problems. By following these rules, one can get rid of their problems. As per astrology, 2020 will bring about the special and significant amount of change in the life of all the 12 zodiac signs, which will impact almost all areas of your life. We hope that with the help of this report, you set new goals this new year.


The year will be full of ups and downs in the first half of the year so to take care of your health. People who want a love marriage will have to take risks and put a lot of effort. Married couples will be happy and there will be no major problems. Do not let any debate from the in-laws side grow. Children will progress a lot this year that will give you satisfaction. Your father's health may remain weak. Your residence may change and you may have to move away from your family. There are signs of auspicious work in your family.

Students will get good results and they will be able to perform extremely well in the field of higher education. Youths who are engaged in preparation for any competitive examinations will need to work hard. You are going to get the opportunity to progress financially and may benefit from foreign contact. There can also be a possibility of a sudden inflow of money during January and February. You may also get sudden money throughout this year. You will also get cooperation from relatives and colleagues. This year is going to give new heights to your career, so welcome this year fully and try to capitalize on every opportunity.


In 2020, your health will be full of ups and downs. You will need to maintain work-life balance or you may face physical troubles. Problems related to muscles and nerves, in particular, can occur. The year will be favorable for love life and you will thrive. The beginning of the year is not good for married couples, stay away from arguments. This period will be normal for children, but their health can be affected. The first half of the year is not conducive to family life and the health of the parents may be affected. The conditions will be largely favorable after September.

This year is exceptional for students as they can even get admission in a foreign university. Students of engineering, medical and law may get success. Your finances will be challenging and you will have to be very careful otherwise you may face financial crisis. Good financial inflow is expected at the end of the year. Learn to prioritize safe spending for your good financial management. However, you may get a position from a career standpoint. In the second half of the year, the conditions of the work area will come in your favor and you will progress.


The beginning of the year will be favorable for health, but you will need medical counseling every couple of months. The year will be very good for love affairs and during this time you will reap rewards in your life. There can be a debate between you and your partner so remain careful. If you give equal status to your loved one, he/she will also give you more importance. Married couples will have to take special care and maintain good relations with the in-laws. This period will be extremely favorable for children, they will develop interest in education and some creative fields.

If the people of Gemini have to succeed in competitive exams, then it is necessary to work hard continuously. Money disputes can disrupt family peace. Saturn will enter your eighth house in the month of January and will remain in the same house throughout the year, so you may face challenges on the economic front. Students who are studying professional courses will get unprecedented success. A lot of thought will have to be taken into consideration before taking a financial decision. The beginning of the year may present some challenges in your career so be prepared to work hard. Avoid starting a new business.


This year you should take special care of your health and follow a balanced routine. There can be many long-term changes in love life that will help you identify as an ideal lover. Keep in mind that increasing your interest in more than one person will affect your relationship. There will be growth in married life. This year indicates hard work for the students. You have to be focused to achieve your goals. Students aspiring for higher education may get little success as per their ambition. On the financial front, you may struggle. This year you may spend big on a family event or function. So focus on your savings and make wise investments. The beginning of the year will be auspicious for your career.


This year you will enjoy good health if you meditate or practice yoga and exercises. Love can bring changes in life, but an existing relationship may come to the brink of extinction. Make very thoughtful decisions. If you are married, there can be tension in married life. It would be better to remove any misconceptions. However, 2020 will be very good for your children and they will progress in every task. Their values will increase and they will respect the elders. Talking about family perspective, this time will be challenging.

The beginning of the year will be good and the arrival of a new member in the family is on the cards. If you want to keep the family together, then you have to make some compromises. This year will be highly successful for the students as their morale will be high. People of Leo zodiac sign who are part of fields like electronics, hardware, law, social service, commerce are likely to taste success. You will thrive in your finances. The year will be better from a career perspective.


This year you will be very lucky in terms of health. All you have to do is keep your routine regular. Love life will thrive and you will become more loyal to your partner. Your love will be stable and you will enjoy pleasant moments with your sweetheart. Your spouse may have some get success on the work front. Stay away from each other for some time as this will only improve your relationship. This period will be good for your children. Your family will get social respect and prosperity.

Students of Virgo zodiac can get a big achievement this year and most of your efforts will pay off. In September, students studying abroad are expected to get their wishes fulfilled. On an economic point of view, the year will be highly favorable. Between April and July, you are expected to get good returns from the stock market and businesses. You can buy a vehicle, etc. From career perspective, the year will be progressive. You may also relocate. Employees working in multinational companies will have a year full of achievements. This year you will also get the support of your friends who will inspire you and help you move forward.


This year your health is likely to remain weak. Problems like indigestion, air diseases, headaches, joint pain, chickenpox and body aches can cause problems. A healthy body is the greatest form of wealth, so do not be careless about your physical and mental health. There will be stability in your love life. If you are married, the beginning of the year will be somewhat fragile and your spouse's health may decline. During the mid of the year, a lot of situations will improve. Your child will have to work hard to get success. One of your children can get married in 2020. The year will be very good for family life and you will spend a lot of time with them. This year will be good for students and job seekers. Foreign travel related to education is possible. From an economic perspective, the year will be normal. You will have income from more than one source. Avoid starting any new business this year. It is recommended to work hard in the job.


This year your health will get better. People who are single may witness a new person enter their life. A person from the past can knock back in your life. The year will be very good for married couples. Take important decisions for the future. There may be a possibility of conflict in your family, it is better to keep calm. Marriage or birth of a child in the family will lead to happiness. Students will achieve success after initial struggles. From an economic perspective, this year can be extremely beneficial. On the work front, you may start the year on a high and it will only get better.


Your health will improve and there will be only minor problems. The year is good for love affairs. Your partner will also understand your feelings. Go ahead if you want to propose someone. Married life will also be sweet. However, you have to pay special attention to the health of your life partner. Childless couples may bear children. You can get a lot of good benefits related to property. Your family life will be completely relaxed. There will be mixed results in the field of education.
The time from April 1 to June 30 can be a bit challenging and you will have to work harder. The harder you work, the more you will gain financially. In career, you will get good benefits from foreign sources and get appreciation in your work. You can even get a transfer to your desired location.


This year will be good for you. You will get mixed results related to health as you may even recover from a chronic disease. 2020 will be extremely favorable for love life. Married couples may have a fluctuating situation with spouses. This year is not very favorable for children, so encourage them and take care of them from time to time. Family life will be good to a great extent. You will get respect and honour. Take care of your siblings. You will have to work hard in the field of education to yield good results. From an economic point of view, this year can be a little weak. Your trips will be more in which expenditure will also be higher, so travel with complete planning so that expenses can be limited. Chances of unemployed people getting permanent jobs are high.


This year you may face some challenges and get mixed results. You have to pay special attention to your health. There will be many trips, some of them will bring you the desired results. Although your income will be good, financial problems may arise. Your spiritual life will improve. Those willing to go abroad may get their wish fulfilled. There will be changes in your job. Take care of the people closer to you. Students will have to work harder. From 30 June to 20 November, you will feel quite relaxed after which you need to control your expenses. Your family life will be full of ups and downs. Maintain a good rapport with your spouse. Time is a bit unfavorable for love life.


This year you will get success in your work and wealth. You may get an opportunity to meet your loved ones. Give your best in whatever work you do. You will get the blessings of respected and elderly people of the society. Excessive work could take a toll on your health. Most of your wishes will be fulfilled this year. The period from January to March 30 and from June 30 to November 20 will be highly favorable for competitive exams. Your respect will increase in society. This year your trips will be shorter and you will become financially advanced. During the middle phase of the year, you are likely to gain money from more than one source. By expanding businesses, you will get unprecedented success.

Posted By: James Kuanal