New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The year 2020 was a very challenging year but people made sure to keep themselves hooked to one thing or another, from trying dalgona coffee to everything is cake, Millenials made sure that they do not miss out on their skincare routine and so we made a stepwise guide of what Millenials tried for their skincare routine and that actually worked like a charm for them this year.

Millennials took their time off from 'Work From Home' and came up with a headband and bowl to mix things up and apply on their face that gave them good results and made them believe that homemade things are the best way to get that glowing radiant skin.

Korean Skincare Routine

In this lockdown, the Korean skincare routine was the one that managed to garner everyone's attention and most of the Millenials tried this skincare routine for healthy and glass skin. Now, to take a rewind, we are here to guide you on how to try this Korean skincare routine:

Step 1: Use coconut oil to cleanse your face, so that dirt can be removed from your face.

Step 2: Now, exfoliate your skin with a scrub that will give your skin blood circulation and will help you remove any residue from your face.

Step 3: Now take toner on the cotton pad and dab it all over your face, this process helps to tighten the pores of your skin.

Step 4: Now you can apply the serum on your face and the final step is to moisturize your skin by using a moisturizer and you are done.

Rice Water skin routine

Another Japanese skincare routine caught the attention of millennials in the year 2020 and it was the rice water method. Rice is considered a cosmetic healing tool and it helps for whitening, brightening, anti-aging skincare routine and millennials couldn't stop themselves from trying it. Now, we are here for your rescue, so we are providing you with the stepwise guise, check it out:

Step 1: Take a cup of rice and soak it in water for 30 minutes then pout it into a jar.

Step 2: Now take the rinsed water and apply it to your face as it holds many benefits.

Step 3: You can also make ice cubes of that rice water and apply it daily.

Rice water can help you protect from the sun and anti-aging and it will also give you glowing skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma