New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: As the year is about to end, it would be wrong to remember 2021 solely with the ravages of COVID-19. There were other infections too which raised a huge alarm in the country and amounted to heavy loss of life. Even though the trouble still continues with Omicron beginning to get a grip, people in India had to face several other infections that were challenging and unprecedented. 

Here's are four such infections that made headlines this year besides COVID:

Dengue: This year the number of Dengue cases saw a huge spike in the national capital and other states. Delhi recorded over 1,100 dengue cases during the last week of November. The total number of the mosquito-borne disease in the city crossed the 9,000 -mark, taking the tally to over 8,276 this year. It was the highest since Delhi’s biggest outbreak in 2015.

Mucormycosis: Also known as Black fungus, Mucormycosis cases emerged as a serious concern in India during the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. It started affecting patients recovering from the virus as a post-Covid complication. Mucormycosis was majorly caused due to the high usage of steroids amongst other factors. Over, 28,252 cases of Mucormycosis were reported in the country across 28 states and UTs.

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS): The effect of Coronavirus was not only seen on adults in 2021, but children also bore the brunt of the deadly virus. Many children in India reported multisystem inflammatory syndrome during the second wave. Although it showed mild symptoms, the multisystem inflammatory syndrome has an adverse effect on different organs of the body. Over 177 cases of MIS in children were reported in Delhi-NCR till May.

Bird Flu: Following the line of viruses that wreaked havoc in the country, bird flu or avian flu also spread its tentacles in India this year. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued an alert on July 21, 2021, confirming the first documented case of bird flu in humans in India. It was diagnosed in a child who died in Delhi's AIIMS hospital. Soon after more than 7 states raised alarm to gear up as cases began to speed up.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha