New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Two days after Diwali Puja, Lord Yama is worshipped along with Lord Chitragupta and Yama-Doots, the subordinates of Lord Yama. Yamaraj is the God of Death and this day is dedicated to him called Yama Dwitiya. It is a religious Hindu festival observed on the Dwitiya tithi of Kartik month of Hindu Luni-Solar calendar.

This year Yama Dwitiya is falling on Saturday, November 6, 2021.

Yama Dwitiya 2021: Date and Time

  • Yama Dwitiya Aparahna Muhurat 13:10 - 15:21
  • Dwitiya tithi begins Nov. 05 at 23:14
  • Dwitiya tithi ends Nov 06 at 19:44

Yama Dwitiya 2021: Significance

This festival is also known as Bhratri Dwitiya as it commemorates the pure and unconstitutional love between brothers and sisters. As per legend, Lord Yama visited sister Yamuna on this day. Yamuna was delighted and welcomed him with garlands. She applied Tilak on his forehead, performed aarti. She served delicious dishes. With such a welcome and grand feast, pleased Lord Yamaraj professed that whenever the brothers who will visit to their sister's home on this day will be welcomed by sisters and in return sisters will be protected from all evil forces and blessed with happy longlife.

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm as Bhai Duj, Bhai Tika or Bhau Beej. Sisters put Tika on the forehead of brothers with the prayers of happy healthy longlife of their brothers.

Yama Dwitiya 2021: Rituals

- Early bath, preferably Yamuna Snan is considered very auspicious.

- Yama Dwitiya Puja is performed early in the morning. Aparahna is considered the most suitable time.

- Puja of Lord Yama is performed.

- Prayers are offered.

- Mantras of Lord Yama are recited.

- Puja is concluded by offering Arghya to Lord Yama.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal