New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: 97.5 per cent of water is in seas and oceans, while 2.5 per cent is frozen in the ice caps, and the remaining is too salty for human consumption. Out of it, only 0.5% of water is available as freshwater. Also, water is one of the most important elements for survival on the planet apart from the air. Today is World Water Day 2021 which is observed by UN to spread awareness regarding the importance of water. The special day is  the United Nations declared March 22 as World Water Day. A lack of saving water and misuse of it is putting a great strain on the supply of fresh water. Therefore, here we have brought to you 5 effective ways on how to conserve water easily.

Use a bucket instead of a shower

As per reports, the shower uses around 5 gallons of water a minute. So, save water by using limited water.

Install flow restrictors

This is the most effective way to conserve water by restricting the flow of water. It will reduce the usage of water by a shower to three gallons a minute.

Turn off the tap while brushing or washing dishes

Often we leave the tap open while brushing and washing dishes, remember to turn off the tap as soon as you wet your brush.

Collect Rain Water

Use the collected rainwater in plants as it is healthy. Also, it keeps our sewage system healthy. However, never use it for drinking as it not healthy and can make you ill.

Check pipe for leaks

Fixing the leakage on time can help save gallons of water. So don't take the leakage at your home lightly, immediately call the plumber to fix it.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv