New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: September 28 is observed as World Rabies day.   The day aims to enhance knowledge about the disease and is observed in many countries. Rabies is a zoonotic disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. It is caused by the rabies virus that originates from the Lyssavirus genus of the Rhabdoviridae family. On today's special day, the global rabies community among others helps to inform and tackle this transmissible disease.

World Rabies Day 2021: History

For the first time, World Rabies Day was celebrated on September 28 in 2007. The event was a collaboration between Alliance for Rabies Control and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, USA. Together with the World Health Organization (WHO). The two organizations started this day after the world suffered from the adverse effects of Rabies.

World Rabies Day 2021: Significance

World Rabies Day is an important day for the world to acknowledge the terror in people of the disease. Rabies is contracted through all mammals and especially wild animals. September 28th is a vital date in medical history on account of Louis Pasteur’s death anniversary.

The day focuses on better care for animals and spreading little knowledge on tackling an adverse situation like rabies. It is aimed to end the disease occurrence by the year 2030.

Health organizations all over the world chose this day to focus on vaccination camps for rabies and en-masse people participation to prevent the disease. This day is celebrated through Marathon runs sponsored by health firms and veterinary groups, quizzes, essay competitions, and other awareness campaigns.

World Rabies Day 2021:Theme

This year's theme for World Rabies day is: "Rabies: Facts, not Fear” based on ending the fear from the people and empowering them with the facts. This year’s theme is focused on sharing facts about rabies, and not spreading fear about the disease by relying on misinformation and myths. Last year the theme was “End Rabies: Collaborate, Vaccinate” and for 2019 the theme was “Rabies: Vaccinate to eliminate," followed by 2018's theme which was“Rabies: Share the message, save a life”.

Posted By: Ashita Singh