World No Tobacco Day 2022: Impact Of Smoking On Women And Men's Sexual Health

World No Tobacco Day 2022: Smoking creates a lot ill impact on people's life. It also affects a person's s*xual health. Read to know more.

World No Tobacco Day 2022: Impact Of Smoking On Women And Men's Sexual Health
World No Tobacco Day 2022

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Smoking can be injurious to health. However, when it comes to cutting down on the habit of smoking, it becomes hard for people to do so. Smoking has a lot of ill effects on people's life. In order to create awareness about the bad effects of smoking, every year May 31 people observe World No Tobacco Day. Needless to say, consuming tobacco cause a lot of health-hazardous diseases, and lakhs of people have already lost their lives due to the excessive intake of the substance.

Smoking has a lot of health-hazardous effects on a person's life. It can cause a lot of deadly diseases including chronic cough, chronic laryngitis, cancer, and other diseases. Apart from that, it is scientifically proven that tobacco has a negative impact on s*xual arousal.

In India, s*x is a topic that is surrounded by a lot of stigma and shame. As a result, people dealing with s*xual issues often avoid opening up about the topic. Not many people are aware that smoking could affect your abilities in the bedroom too.

In today's generation, a lot of men and women are habitual of smoking, which as a result, creates an effect on their s*xual life. As per research, the substances present in cigarettes including nicotine, carbon monoxide, or certain free radicals are responsible for vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction affects the sexuality of men and women.

The impact of smoking on men's s*xual health

One of the biggest effects smoking creates on a man's s*xual life is Erectile Dysfunction. Cigarettes affect blood circulation in the body, and ED happens due to the inadequate blood flow in the male genitals. Also, the smoke emitted by cigarettes puts an effect on libido, and desire, since it tends to decrease the secretion of testosterone.

The impact of smoking on a women's s*xual health

Women also face the major impact of smoking as due to poor blood circulation their vaginal lubrication decreases, causing vaginal dryness and limiting arousal. Women should also note that they should avoid using birth control pills while smoking as it can also affect blood circulation.

One of the major impacts smoking creates on men and women is on their fertility. Smoking does not only affect s*xual arousal but also creates an impact on the fertility in both the genders.

People who often smoke can faces issues of infertility as compared to non-smokers. It is proven that men who smoke have a lesser sperm count, whereas, in women, smoking fastens up the speed of the loss of eggs and speeds up infertility.

Since smoking majorly affects your lungs, smokers become out of breath more quickly. Which as a result, decreases your stamina in bed.

What is the solution?

People are always advised to quit smoking. Though it is a time taking and tough process, it has several benefits in the long run.

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