New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: World Laughter Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about laughter/ smile and its healing benefits. Founder of laughter Yoga movement, Dr. Madan Kataria is believed to be the first person to create 'World Laughter Day' in 1988. The day is dedicated to promote general sense of well-being, reducing stress and anxiety, among others. This day is celebrated to pay emphasis on the mental state of a person. Laughter is indeed the best medicine that we can have. To keep the spirit of this day alive, here are some wishes, messages, and quotes that you can share with family and friends.

Your smile makes my day! Keep smiling and make others happy. Happy World Laughter Day 2020.

Laughter is cute and precious. Don’t reserve it but share it. Happy laughter day 2020.

The most precious gift you can give anyone is a smile. Best wishes on World Laughter Day to you.

The best thing about laugh is it doesn’t give you wrinkles but adds glow to your face…. Happy World Laughter Day 2020.

Laughter is the best medicine we must all taste every day to stay healthy. Happy World Laughter Day 2020.

Smile doesn’t cost a thing and laugh just costs a joke….. Happy World Laughter Day 2020.

No one likes to see sad faces, we all love to see happy faces…. Always laugh and smile to make it a better world.

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Even the gods love jokes. — Plato

If you would not be laughed at, be the first to laugh at yourself. — Benjamin Franklin

A good laugh heals a lot of hurts. — Madeleine L’Engle

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

An optimist laughs to forget; a pessimist forgets to laugh. — Tom Nansbury

A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around. — Carolyn Birmingham

Posted By: James Kuanal