New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A life without social media is going to be boring and stressful as it is the only medium that has kept us connected and going especially during these testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Be it chatting or updating statuses, usage of emoticons has increased and how. People, especially millennials and Gen X make maximum use of emojis than older adults. 

Emojis aka smileys are small digital pictures representing an idea, expression, look or reaction is now used widely to express a variety of our emotions. And according to a recent survey it has been revealed that around 58% of the use of emoticons have increased during the lockdown period. Emojis microbe, face with a medical mask, folded hands, and face with head-bandage are being vastly used by one and all.

On the eve of World Emoji Day on July 17, data from Bobble AI - a homegrown Artificial Intelligence innovation company - shows a transformation in the conversational trends of youth, particularly the millennials and GenZ.

COVID-19 emojis

During the times of the epidemic, many apps launched COVID-19 related emojis like vaccine emoji, microbe emoji, face with a medical mask emoji and more. Amidst the pandemic times, many such emojis are in trend including joined hands emoji. 

Work From Home emojis

Top ten emojis used for 'Work from Home', additionally includes laptop, fire, house and chocolate bar emoticons - signaling a change in work cultures across the country.

Most used emoji in 2021 

Despite the change in trends, the face with tears of joy is still the most used emoji. 

Most popular emojis in dating apps

Emojis used in conversations on dating apps tend to express joy, be more flirty and romantic. According to Bobble AI's report, the most popular emojis on dating applications are - face with tears of joy, kiss mark, and face with smiling eyes.

With inputs from IANS. 

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal