New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Today is the day when the world is celebrating World Emoji Day 2020. Every year the World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17 and is considered to be an unofficial holiday. Declared as an unofficial holiday, this day is deemed as a global celebration of emoji and is celebrated annually since 2014.

With texting and messenger apps becoming insanely popular in our everyday life, emojis have found a distinct place and reportedly used more than 5 billion times daily. People express their emotions through these emojis. Using an emoji while texting is just a better way to make any conversation interesting.

An emoji-a small digital picture representing an idea, expression, look or reaction is now used widely to express a variety of our emotions. First used by Jeremy Burge, who was the founder of Emojipedia, the day is celebrated on July 17 every year. With time, more emojis are coming into the market and it is becoming a tool for marketing.

Celebrate this wonderful, cheerful day with World Emoji Day quotes and World Emoji Day greetings messages. 

- When voice and expressions cannot reach out to the other people; emojis surely make their way up there. Happy world Emoji day   

- Today the world seems incomplete without emojis, they are our power to express…. Wishing a very Happy World Emoji Day

- Your normal expression can only be seen by the person sitting on the other end of the screen with the help of an emoji. Happy world emoji day

- Life has become a lot easier with the coming of emoji. An entire sentence is easily replaced with just an emoji and yet leaving the same impact. Happy world emoji day

- People are hard-pressed for the time but they do need to communicate. Emojis are here to help and make it smooth!

- When words fall short, emojis make up for it and make others feel the same. Happy world emoji day

- On this world emoji day, let us take some time to praise this amazing innovation that certainly saved us plenty of keystrokes.

- Now that emojis are so popular and have made texting a lot more convenient, we cannot think of a day without it. Happy world emoji day

- World emoji day is here to let us know take a moment to thank the icons for making life way too easier.

- If you really think that you can live without emojis, then why do you press the react button Facebook for a picture you actually admire

- For all those who have a secret crush, emojis have played a role better than anything else. Happy world emoji day to those who love with emojis

- Words may ruin the relationship and express a lot while emojis can help maintain the balance while reflecting that you have affections! Tricky but true. Happy world emoji day

- Keep calm and use emojis as much as you want! They are free!!!!

- Emojis are the rise of casual language and it is a celebration of non-textual conversation at its best.

Posted By: Talib Khan