New Delhi| Jagran Health Desk: Every year on March 21, World Down Syndrome Day is observed to create awareness about down syndrome. It is a condition in which a child is born with an extra 21st chromosome. First observed in 2012, the United Nation aims to make people understand that those who are born with this condition should be accepted equally in this society. To raise awareness, this year, the UN has decided on the theme "We Decide." 

What is a down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a condition in which the child is born with an extra 21st chromosome. It comes in the category of a genetic disorder, and it also causes developmental disabilities. The child born with this condition is likely to suffer thyroid or heart-related problems.

What are the symptoms of down syndrome?

The visible symptoms of down syndrome can be small head and ears, short neck, flat facial features.

The child with down syndrome symptoms are likely to have developmental disabilities like impulsive behaviour, lack of attention, their learning capabilities are slow compared to other children.

What are the causes of down syndrome?

The causes of down syndrome are when abnormal cell division takes place and that results in developmental problems in the child. There are three main causes of down syndrome. First is Trisomy 1, in this, the person has three copies of chromosome 21, and when the abnormal cell division takes place, it results in down syndrome.

Second is Mosaic down syndrome, in this, the normal and abnormal cell gets mixed and they cause abnormal cell division after fertilization that results in down syndrome.

The third cause is Translocation down syndrome, in this, the 21st chromosome gets attached to another chromosome before conception and thus the child is born with an additional chromosome.

What are the treatments for down syndrome?

There is no particular treatment for down syndrome. The treatments are based on a person's need as well as their condition. In the early intervention program, a person can use physical therapy, speech therapy, emotional therapy and behavioural therapy.

What is the #LotsOfSocks campaign?

The #LotsOfSocks campaign takes place to raise awareness about down syndrome. In this, the person who gets involved in it needs to select some socks that are unique or hold some unique traits that catch the attention.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma