New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: World Diabetes Day is observed on November 14 to mark the awareness about the blood sugar levels in the body, its symptoms and treatment. The number of diabetic patients is increasing rapidly in the world. In view of this, many tech companies have also come forward to make diabetic patients' life manageable. Specifically, the most important things for diabetic patients are - tracking blood sugar levels regularly, watching how much carbohydrates you are taking, or keeping an eye on body weight. These tasks can also be done with the help of desktop and mobile apps. So, on World Diabetes Day, read on to know about some popular apps related to it.

MySugr- Diabetes App & Blood Sugar Tracker

It is a diabetes logbook app, in which you get features like blood sugar tracker, carb logger, insulin calculator, HbA1c etc. Here, you can add data related to diabetes type-1 and type-2 and gestational regularly, which will make it easier for you to analyze the changes in your body. Record of data related to miles, diet, blood glucose, insulin, etc can be maintained.

All data charts will appear on the personalised screen. You can also analyse your data daily, weekly and monthly basis. Also, you can send your detailed report directly to the doctor. This will provide blood sugar reminders in the Pro version as well as many other features. It has integrated steps, activities, blood pressure, CGM data, weight, etc. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

Glucose buddy tracker App

This is a diabetes management application. Here, users can easily manage blood glucose, medication, miles. Also, users can track blood sugar, insulin, weight, blood pressure, A1C etc. Here you can see the changes in carbohydrate intake and blood sugar on an hourly basis. With this, with the help of a food database, you will be able to log miles easily. Additionally, it also sends push notifications and reminders for the blood sugar test. It also has a calendar feature, which will make it easier to monitor blood sugar levels. This logbook app is available for both Android and iOS.

Diabetes M

This app will help you manage diabetes. Records related to diabetes can be saved here. It tracks almost all aspects of diabetes treatment. The detail gives reports, charts and statistics, which can be sent via email to the physician for supervision. There are also many tools related to diabetes so that you can see the level of glucose level in the blood and also plan the diet. Also, it can give you an insulin reminder. It also has the facility to export files. You can download it for Android and iOS.

Posted By: Srishti Goel